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drugs used in osteoporosis

drugs used in osteoporosis

hi i'm dr. christine horner and today we'regoing to talk about osteoporosis. we women hear about osteoporosis going into our doctorsto have our bone density tested because were so at risk of developing bone loss which canlead to hip fractures so this is really one of my pet peeve areas because what's happenedin the treatment of osteoporosis is are beloved drug companies have actually created a diseasethat we don't have so when we start to have some bone mineral loss and this happens frominactivity not doing weight bearing exercise because that's something that keeps our bonesstrong and eating foods that create too much of an acid environment our bones will be usedas buffers. they actually leach calcium out of them to help to neutralize it. so drinkingcolas and believe it or not red meat is one

of the worse violators as far as our bodypulling minerals out to help buffer it. so if your eating a proper diet and getting lotsof exercise and particularly weight bearing exercise like hiking, putting a backpack onswimming actually doesn't give you weight bearing with it, but being out there hikingor brisk walking does. these are things that help to strengthen our bones. now let me talkto you about the bone test. the bone density test is something that measures what's calledcortical bone so our bones kind of complex structure. we have the center of the boneand then it's got this trabecular bone and then it has the cortex to it. the strengthof the bone is not in the cortex. so this test was actually designed to measure thedensity the cortex which has nothing to do

with the strength of the bone then your doctorswill say that your bone that you have a condition called osteopenia. well this was a conditionthat was made up by the drug companies to make a drug and come up with a disease condition.so if you have some bone loss of your cortical bone like i said it doesn't translate intoyour bone strength. they then sell you drugs to help to strengthen the cortical bone. soyou will go in and they'll say oh this drug is working because it's strengthening yourcortical bone, but it's actually not the important thing to measure. so what we really want tomeasure the endpoint we talked about in medicine is are we having a lower instance of hip fracturesand in fact we find that that's not true. so women who were taking these drugs thatare supposedly helping the cortical bone do

not have a lower instances of hip factorsin fact these medications have terrible side effects to them including giving you hip fracturesand an acrostics or desolation say of a area in your jawbone. so many doctors have wisedup to this now and it's really recommended not to get sucked into the thinking that youneed to treat those bone density loss in your cortical bone but rather try to treat it naturally.now things that help to give us strong bones include calcium but also it's important totake magnesium vitamin k and vitamin d. all of them are important for bone strength. eatingplant based diet consuming plants that are high in calcium rather than taking calciumsupplements is also been found to be more important so these are things like leafy greensspinach kale even flacslinens are things that

help to absorb more calcium help with ourbone density. so for most of us were able to keep our bone density healthy with exerciseand with a good diet and making sure that we get plenty of vitamin d magnesium, calcium,and vitamin k, and avoid eating those medications. and don't, again believe that if your corticalbone has lost some of the mineralization has anything to do with your bone strength. sobe smart if you have any questions. about this please don't hesitate to ask me justclick on the link below i'd love to answer your questions.

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