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fosamax medication

fosamax medication

hi, i'm peter biberstein and i'm a personal injury attorney with price benowitz. fosomax is medication recommended for the treatment of osteoporosis, particularly in post-menopausal women. due to some of the dangers with this prescription drug, it's had to change the labelling regarding side effects on two separate occassions since entering the market in 1995. these edits, at the prompting of the fda, feature warnings of possible adverse reactions such as femur fractures and rotting jaw bones.

one of the side effects associated with fosomax is esophageal ulcers. these ulcers of the esophagus begin with a burning sensation along the esophageal region. the pain can last for hours, and relief is usually only temporary. often, treatment for esophageal ulcers includes hospitalization and according to the fda, drugs like fosomax can increase a person's potential for cancer of the esophagus. another serious side effect is stevens-johnson syndrome, has been reported by some patients of fosomax. this condition affects the skin and the body's mucus membranes. at first, sufferers of stevens-johnson syndrome may notice symptoms that are similar to the flu.

then a painful rash will appear, usually red or purple in color. that rash will spread and culminate in blisters, and eventually the skin starts to die and peel off. with such serious conditions, those suffering from stevens-johnson syndrome usually have to be hospitalized, and recovery can take months. associated with stevens-johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis can also be very serious and is potentially life-threatening. known to be caused by reactions to medications like fosomax, toxic epidermal necrolysis is an extremely painful illness that can lead to death. fosomax is also known to cause an ailment called uveitis. uveitis is the inflammation of three different portions of the eye.

and includes symptoms of increased sensitivity to light, blurred and spotty vision, and blood shot eyes. uveitis is an affliction that requires immediate medical attention, so the inflammation can be controlled with proper medication. one highly serious side effect associated with fosomax is osteonecrosis of the jaw. the disorder is extremely rare and is more likely to occur in those that have had previous oral surgery. patients who suffer from this condition will have a noticeably visible, exposed area of their jaw bone. the injury does not heal on its own and there are currently no effective medical treatments available. the side effects associated with fosomax can outweigh the benefits

for many patients. in some cases, the resulting ailments are incurable. if you or a loved one is suffering from any of the conditions described above, you may be entitled to receive monetary compensation. contact a d.c. fosomax lawyer to explore a potential client. a dedicated personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience litigating bad drug cases can help ensure that you recieve the compensation you deserve for any harms and losses that you may have suffered due to the drug fosomax.

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