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guidelines for osteoporosis

guidelines for osteoporosis

the recommendations in terms of what we callbone mineral density testing is really recommended for all men and women who are age 65 and olderregardless of what your risk factors are. so if you've never had a bone density, andyou're 65 years old or older, whether you're a man or woman you should have a screeningbone density test done. however if you're younger than age 65 and have a risk factorfor osteoporosis or fractures, as i mentioned, such as being on offending medications thataffect bone health, if you've broken bones before with minimal trauma, if you have avery strong family history of osteoporosis, if you have medical conditions that affectyour bone health, then you are someone who probably needs to have a bone density earlierthan the recommended screening time of age

65.the main thing is that most of us think of osteoporosis risk once you're about 50 yearsold or older and definitely for women, whenever you go through that menopausal transition,so that's a good time when you should be assessed for those risk factors by your family doctorto basically determine if you need an earlier bone density screening earlier than the usualscreening time of age 65. the other thing is, as i mentioned osteoporotic spine fracturesare often silent, and therefore also being assessed for height loss is important withyour general assessments with your primary caregiver because if you've had significantheight loss it may be a red flag that you've had a silent osteoporotic spine fracture.

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