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hip osteoporosis

hip osteoporosis

the athletic level, hip raises feet on ball. for good body mechanics you still wanna getused to laying down from your side, when you're getting onto the ball, or when getting yourlegs up on to the ball. so down on to the side, let the ball followwith you, and then roll it out to position. arms, when starting this exercise are palmsup, 45 degrees away from your body. you wanna ensure that your toes and your kneecaps are pointing to the ceiling. your feet are at comfortable distance apart,usually about four, six inches, the more narrow the more challenging it will be. let's go through the exercise, take a breathin, exhale.

as you lift start transferring your weightthrough your shoulder blades. lift to where your shoulders, hips, and theback of your knees form a straight line, and back down.

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