Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

homeopathic treatment for osteoporosis

homeopathic treatment for osteoporosis

dr : i will ask you in detail. what was your health issue? mrs ad : i was suffering from joint pain (osteoarthritis), problems in digestion.... ....and back pain dr : how was the joint pain problem? mrs ad : i had knee pain. it was difficult for me to walk. dr : now with these homeopathic treatment since 6-7 months, how was your experience? mrs ad : there is 80% improvement. there is no pain while walking now... i can walk with ease...for 15-20 minutes dr : knee pain has reduced...?

mrs ad : yes, definitely dr : what about swelling on knee joints? mrs ad : very less. it has reduced. dr : do you experience morning stiffness in knee joints? mrs ad : no dr : what about your back pain? mrs ad : it has also reduced by 80-85%. even digestion is normal now.

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