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how do you treat osteoporosis

how do you treat osteoporosis

welcome to the vitalife show i'm doctorjanine bowring and today's topic is all about the osteoporosis drugsand these are commonly prescribed drugs across north america europe and unfortunately they have somenegative consequences for your health which a lot of people don't realize andcertainly your doctor probably hasn't told you so what could these commonly prescribeddrugs do as they do build a stronger bone density so

of course they're prescribed forosteoporosis or if you've had you know bone density test and yourdoctor said that your bone density is decreasing and of course happens aswe age well the drug then are implemented andunfortunately the bad news is that it's the qualityand the type of bone that these drugs actually form so yes you are well have astronger and a better bone density so when you're furthertest and the doctor says great your bone density is increasing everything looksgood unfortunately it's the quality of boneis the issue

what happens is that because these drugsin the way that the calcium is metabolized into the bone unfortunately it forms a more brittlebone that means that you're more likely tohave a fracture, so hip fractures are definitely there's a higher incidence of themwith the prescription at these drugs and this is well documented i'm not the only one saying it so do yourresearch and you'll find the studies so

unfortunately this is what's happeningout there and you always have to educate yourself and try to do things more naturally and that's all what we'reall about here at the vitalife show is giving a natural tips how to gethealthier take care of your bones from the insideout taking right types of things and watching your diet as well so in terms of the diet you want to takehigh calcium foods so fruits and vegetablesare great because they help to keep your blood more alkaline

and you need alkaline environment so thatcalcium goes into the bones and is a protective mechanism if youhave too many acidic things on a diet unfortunately what happens is that thecalcium comes out have the bones to buffer the bloodso keep things alkaline keep things healthy if you know like your dairy productsunfortunately it's not a great way to get calcium that goesinto the bones because dairy products for the most part areacid forming so as much in as high as they are incalcium unfortunately you're not

actually absorbing that calcium wellinto the bones so that the big huge misconception out there that you're getting you know greatabsorbable osteoporosis preventing calcium from dairy products its just not true so again there arewonderful supplements and here at vitatree really we have created a whole foodcalcium supplement made from fossilized coral calcium andit's in a powder form there's no hard tablet its easy on your stomach dissolves and is absorbed very quicklyso you just mix one scoop

in a little bit of water juice justbefore bed time because calcium does going to your bones when you're sleeping and always separated from magnesium nowyou do need magnesium in your daily diet and perhaps youmay be deficient which most people are so you can supplement with a high quality magnesium that's whyhere at vitatree we supplement our vitatree magnesium in the morning and our whole food calcium at night theycompete for absorption so they should never really be in the same supplementso that's why we've done it so

differently here at vitatree and thats why we have great results and you'll absolutely love our magnesium and our whole food calcium so again i thank you for joining me todayalways do your research no matter what you're taking whether it supplementsnatural things that you're taking as well of course the drugs readall those side effects and know that there are negative consequences oftaking them and unfortunately you know not always will your doctor orpharmacist tell you these things so

always do your research be sure to subscribe to this channelwere always uploading new and exciting information about your health how to gethealthy from the inside out using natural remedies be sure to like uson facebook and follow us on twitter @vitatree and remember your health really is in yourhands you have the ability to live a very healthy and long life

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