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how is osteoporosis caused

how is osteoporosis caused

hello my name is dr. susan jewell and behalfof expert village today i am going to talk to you about the subject of osteoarthritis.which is disease of the bones particularly the joints. now how does is happen. how doesarthritis happen, what what actually happens to the bone? well, it̢۪s not the bone thatis effected it's actually the capsules or the cartilage that embeds the bone. for, examplehere's a look at the joint and here's say this is the knee joint cause arthritis effectsa lot of the knees most of the time. so in the normal healthy person the knee joint iswith the two bones the upper bone and the lower bone is encapsulated by this cartilagematerial here and that's nice and thick and it gives a padding to decrease friction andlubrication of the two joints when you're

moving and you're moving your knee jointstogether. so, that̢۪s what happens but over time the deterioration of this cartilage paddingon the bones deteriorates and is lost, also by diet, ageism is a major factor, so thatyou are only left with a little bit of the cartilage left and what happens is then, isthen, what results in the lost of the cartilage of padding is that bones actually touch eachother and then friction, the friction of the two bones without the padding will give youthe pain and the inflammation. so, in the next series of clips i am going to talk toyou how to deal with pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

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