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how to avoid osteoporosis

how to avoid osteoporosis

an eye exam could do one day be used to diagnose dementia at its earliest stages. we all want nice, strong bones. it is common to associate osteoporosis with older women. that is when it is most common. 12 million americans are diagnosed with the disease and 9

million are women. it can lead to broken bones and disability. while most women are diagnosed after menopause, megan pringle explains why there is plenty that young women can do to prevent it now. ruth synodinos does what she

can to stay healthy. she sees her doctor and takes care of herself. i try to eat right. i do walk my neighborhood. when her doctor told her she had osteoporosis, the grandmother was not too surprised.

when you reach a certain station in life, you just expect things to go wrong. dr. marc leavey with mercy medical center says that is not always the case, even when it comes to osteoporosis. the seeds frosty a process

are sown when you are younger. -- seeds for osteoporosis are sown when you're younger. exercise is important. not for your muscles, but for your bones. your bones are not like a piece of wood.

they are living tissue. your bones understand that if you are doing thing, they need to get stronger. we call away-bearing exercise. that is walking or running or jogging. to bear your own weight, not carry weight, will strengthen

your bones as they have to get stronger to carry your weight. you can build stronger bones with a healthy diet. your for that calcium -- you have heard that calcium is important for your bones but you

have to hold vitamin d. calcium is the brick. vitamin d is the mortar that holds it together. there is no real treatment or cure frosty a process of doing

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