Senin, 15 Mei 2017

how to increase bone density naturally

how to increase bone density naturally

good morning! i'm zane from atlantis skincare. if you are looking for natural calcium source this video for you. we are proud to announce ourselves asofficial distributors of osteonorm natural calcium from egg shells, made inlatvia here are five different osteonorms inthe market and this one is osteonorm with sea buckthorn. it contents calcium citrate, it contents vitamin dand magnesium, both of them helping in calcium absorption in your bones. alsobecause of sea buckthorn added this osteonorm contents omega-3 fatty acids,especially beneficial for low immunity

and also in spring and winter times. this is product for whole family you can take it two tablets every daywith meal, and your children can take one tablet with meal i hope it will help to improve your bonehealth and your health as whole, and thanks for watching video. bye

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