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how to reverse osteoporosis naturally

how to reverse osteoporosis naturally

the reverse lunge, you'll need a couple ofsturdy chairs, and what i've done here is drawn a line, if you happen to have perfectlylined patterning, you can work from that or tiles in your kitchen. and the purpose forthat is that i want you to keep your feet equally away from the mid line when you stepback, as when you're standing. so you're gonna start with your feet [inaudible00:00:33] apart, and standing between two chairs, take a nice breath in, slowly gentlyexhale as you step back, and you still wanna be that nice distance away when you go downtowards your back leg. you wanna focus on your ear, shoulder, hip, and back knee beingas straight as you can in that alignment. the other thing to keep in consideration isi'm not dropping my heel in the back so i'm

going on to the balls of my foot, and fora lot of my clients that are a little bit older they may have some arthritis in thebig toe, so they find it much more comfortable doing the reverse lunge with the running shoeson, so there's less stress on the toes. a couple of other tips that i want you to thinkabout is to be kind to your knees and if you're going back into your reverse lunge to onlygo as deep as you feel safe and that your knees aren't complaining at you. another little thing here is that if you reviewedyour stretches and the stretch where you're laying on your stomach and you're bendingyour knee if you found that your muscles in the front, your quadriceps, are really tightor the the hip flexors stretch one if they

are really tight, i'd really advise you thatyou do those stretches before doing the reverse lunge, because when you look at the positionthat my body is in, it is a great strength in the exercise, but i'm also getting a stretchfor the muscles in the front of my hip and thigh. so if i'm am both strengthening andstretching at the same time, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, so make sure youdo those stretches first. so another consideration for your reverselunge and ideally all these exercises are done in front of the mirror so it gives youlots of feedback in terms of where your body is in space, a very hard thrust to sometimesknow unless we look in the mirror. so i'm gonna place the stick just as i did with thesquat, in front of my second toe in the front.

and when i take my step back i want my knee,again, just as i do with the squat, i want the middle of my kneecap to line up over mysecond toe. similarly with my back leg, i also don't wantit way off to the side or way in, i also want it to line up it with my second toe, withboth those things, so it's much easier to see with the mirror in front of you.

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