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how to reverse osteoporosis

how to reverse osteoporosis

magnesium is one of the most important mineralsthat we can have in our body. not only is it a natural relaxant and sedative, it alsohelps us to build bones beyond what anything else can do along with calcium, vitamin d,vitamin k, and collagen. this is dr. lam from in this article, i'll explain toyou why we need magnesium, how to get it properly, and how to use magnesium in various functionsof the body, including adrenal fatigue. it is so important to have the right level ofmagnesium. this cannot be overemphasized, and most of us are depleted. our diet is notsufficient. our intake of even magnesium supplements can be overshadowed in improper balance withcalcium, and the calcium-magnesium ratio is not proper for most people. and this articlewill go through with you how to reverse that,

how to understand the use of magnesium inthe proper way to help your body recover not only from adrenal fatigue but in general anti-aginguses. magnesium is a simple compound. it is cheap, it is inexpensive and it works. learnthis well. i hope you've enjoyed this video. for moreinformation on this topic, head over to where i have written over a thousand articlesto help educate people. you can also call me at 626-571-1234 for more information onadrenal fatigue and how to navigate it. finally, if you enjoyed this video, please subscribeto my youtube channel. thanks for watching.

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