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infusion medication for osteoporosis

infusion medication for osteoporosis

[music playing] [voice of: dr.jerry minkoff] what spurs me to do research is i want to be certain that the answer istrue. [narrator] dr.jerry minkoff is always askingquestions. jerry's not afraid to askquestions, in fact jerry devotes so much time to research because of his loveof learning, his love of answering questions, solvingpuzzles. [narrator] dr. minkoff has a passion for theacademics have medicine jerry has passions and truly a passionfor medicine

and a passion for quality care whichnaturally leads to asking the clinically relevant questions.i think position lead research tpmg is the essence of who we are.research affords us a capability to look at things earlier then someother medical groups and also to offer our patientsmedications or procedures they wouldn't ordinarily get. (dr. minkoff interacts with a patient) [narrator] over the course of his 24-year career with tpmg dr. minkoff has conducted approximately 20 research studies

related to endocrinology, diabetes and osteoporosis to name just afew. as part of a multinational study lookingat the use of intravenous bisphosphonates we actuallyparticipated in the study on zoledronic acid verses fosamax. we had the largestrecruitment of any medical center. our databases ourphysician knowledge and our patient population make this theplace to do research. [narrator] dr. minkoff initiated a cervicalcancer screening

study to examine the long-term effectshave adverse childhood experiences. he sent out over one thousandquestionnaires two female members. a cervical cancer screening studyshowed that women who did not get pap smears had a higher rate of childhoodsexual abuse. when we've discussed the results at thecervical cancer screening study he's told me that he feels compelled to to share this information. he says, howcould i turn away from something like that this is so important, it needs to bepursued. [narrator] since 1988 dr. minkoff has also served on tpmg's

central research committee, the crc. thecentral research committee is composed of all the local research chairs from each medical center and localresearch chairs from the division of research. jerry has been critical tosuccess of the crc and to clinician allied research at kaiserpermanente and tpmg. he's very willing to help others doresearch, to teach them how to do it, to teach them how to analyze data, to teach them how to setup a grantproposal. [narrator] there's no doubt dr. minkoff willcontinue his research,

to explorem, to analyze and to always ask questions. i feel lucky to have acareer that's allowed me to do all these things as a clinician and as a researcher and as a teacher. jerry is the kind of human being who i think is really driven by socialresponsibility. he is committed to the care of hispatients. it is inspiring work it's an honor to beto be able to look at these questions that nobody else had thought of or knowshow to look at

quite the way we can in tpmg.

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