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osteoporosis disease

osteoporosis disease

how to increase bone density how to improve bone density low bone density osteoporosis symptoms osteoporosis causes what causes osteoporosis exercises for osteoporosis osteopenia treatment hey guys what's going on my name is maxand i'm a fat loss expert which

basically means that i help people loseweight if they're closed better and feel more comfortable in their own skin intoday's video i'll be talking to osteoporosis and what we can do toimprove osteopenia and osteoporosis this video is a little off topic from what iusually make my videos about but one of my clients requested for me to make avideo about this and i feel like i could really help her lot and it may help youas well first of all in case you don't already know osteoporosis is a condition in whichbones become weak and brittle this can lead to a number of different problemsone of the biggest is hip fractures and

the worst part about this is that a hipfracture caused by osteoporosis many times can be a death sentence becauseit's very hard to recover from the statistics for this nasty condition areactually pretty high one of the two females will get osteopenia osteoporosisosteopenia is the precursor to osteoporosis it's one bone densitystarts to go down and roughly one in five males will get osteopeniaosteoporosis there are many reasons why somebody would lose bone density numberone factor is aging and a sedentary lifestyle so we all know the term if youdon't use it you lose it and this applies to our phones as well if we'renot using our bones were gonna lose them

so being sedentary and not exercisingmany times will leave you to lose bone density and eventually it turns intoosteoporosis and next thing that could lead you towards osteoporosis is a poordiet so it's very important that we're having proper nutrients and that thoseproper nutrients are getting absorbed its not only about consuming thosenutrients through a pill or even through your food it's also not consuming othernutrients that will help you absorb calcium for example and another thingthat we see a lot of people on blood thinners or anti-inflammatory medicationthey have a decrease in bone density as well so now that probably scared theshit out of you let's get to some

solutions for this problem one of thebest solutions is the eat more green vegetables i always recommended myvideos for you to have none limited amount of green vegetables inyour diet but it could never be more true than it is right now for thisparticular condition it's been shown that green leafy vegetables are veryhelpful with reversing osteopenia and osteoporosis i recommend a minimum offive cups of vegetables per day that i really hope you get all the nutrientsand minerals that you need to absorb more calcium remember to keep theseveggies limited to the green leafy vegetables those are the best forcalcium and decreasing osteoporosis

vegetables are alkaline in nature sothey're going to decrease the acidity and inflammation throughout your body this is going to be done naturally asopposed to any kind of anti-inflammatories that you may betaking right now milk and dairy products in general havebeen linked to increasing your bone density because they are high in calciumhowever lately it's been discovered that just because something is high incalcium doesn't mean that your body's observing that calcium certainplant-based products are also high in calcium pull over there a lot easier foryour body to absorb and use beans nuts

and green leafy vegetables are the bestto absorb calcium for your body to make sure that you up those in your diet alsoomega-3 was linked to absorption of calcium so make sure that you increasethe amount of omega-3 in your diet the right amount of calcium that's necessaryfor somebody to have healthy bones is up for debate but if you wanna number ofmany doctors recommend you get anywhere from a thousand to roughly 1,300milligrams of calcium per day now that i've told you all the easy stuff thatall of the lazy sedentary people can do this works 100% of the time and it's waymore effective than almost anything that i've already suggested and that crazything is called exercise now many

doctors believe that walking or runningwill help increase bone density but i don't think this is gonna get you guysthe results are you guys want having extra weight on your bones muscles andjoints is not only beneficial for you during exercise but also necessary foryou to prevent things like osteopenia and osteoporosis again if you don't useit you're gonna lose it really any kind ofweight training is going to be beneficial for your osteoporosis howevermany people with osteoporosis do have other problems with their posture thereare many possible deviations so we want to make sure that the correct any kindof possible deviation before we start

training with weights and going hard in the gym actually readymade a video about how you can improve certain types of possible deviationsthat you can check out right over here if you have an exercise in 30 years andyou're gonna go and start doing pushups on the ground you might hurt yourselfyou might be better off doing the walsh of that first and taking it really slowand easy to start off slow and increase and progress as you go if you're justgonna be squatting your body weight every single week yes i don't improveyour bone density but it will cap off at a certain point because there's no morereason for your body to grow and improve

when you're ready up your way andchallenge yourself with carter weight-bearing exercise that's all i gotfor you guys today if you guys enjoyed this video please subscribe to mychannel rica view other videos and tips like this one if you have any questionsfor me or would like to work with me directly one-on-one you could train withme online by visiting my website thanks for tuning in geisel see you guys nexttime

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