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osteoporosis doctor

osteoporosis doctor

welcome to the redcross minute. so, we'vetalked about some important things for screening. we should get screening for all of our parents,whether it be mom or dad. for mom, you have to make sure that if mom is over 65 yearsof age, she needs to have a bone density. with the bone density, we're looking for osteoporosis.osteoporosis is the breakdown of the bones, which is a normal thing that will happen toall of us. but we do know that we have some wonderful things that will help mom. mom canstart increasing her exercise. mom can also eat more dairy, calcium, that sort of thing.extremely important. osteoporosis can be quite serious and can result in a lot of fractureswhen our parents fall and get older. so, we have to make sure they get in to see theirdoctor, and have that bone density done. it's

an easy test, and it's painless. that wasa redcross minute.

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