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osteoporosis drugs comparison

osteoporosis drugs comparison

ana martinez andluiz fernando sarmento present contribution to health autohemotherapy talking to dr. luiz moura what is autohemotherapy it is a simple technique where blood is drawn from a veinand reinjected it into a muscle

and this stimulatesan increase of macrophages, that are, let's say,the body's cleaners. the macrophagescleanse everything, they eliminate bacteria, viruses,cancerous cells, called neoplasic cells, they do a spring cleaning, and eveneliminate fibrin, which is clotted blood. the bone marrow increasesthe production of macrophages because the blood in the muscleworks as a foreign body that will be rejected by thereticulo-endothelial system. in the muscle

and while there isblood in the muscle, the reticulo-endothelialsystem is being boosted and the maximum boostingonly finishes after five days. the normal rate of macrophagesin the blood is 5%, with autohemotherapy thisrate raises to 22% for 5 days from the 5th to the 7th day,the rate starts to drop, because the blood in themuscle is running out and when it finishesthe rate returns to 5%. this is why autohemotherapymust be repeated every 7 days.

this is howautohemotherapy works. it is a very low-cost method,it only requires a syringe it can be done anywhere,it needs no fridge or anything because the blood is drawnand reinjected straight away nothing is requiredto be done to this blood it only needs a person whoknows how to puncture a vein and give an injection into a muscleand a syringe to draw the blood and reinject it into themuscle, nothing else and it results in a verypowerful immune stimulation.

so, it could be disseminated andused in regions with no resources, where people can't afford veryexpensive immune stimulants such as medicines madefrom bone marrow, there is a medicine,but i cannot name it, because i am nothere to advertise, but it is an awfully expensivemedicine which is used to produce the same effectas autohemotherapy. it is a lysate of veal thymus,that has been made, and i can say this,

it is a lysate of veal thymus,it has a trade name, but in fact, the essence of the productis a lysate of veal thymus submitted to a digestive fermentthat becomes a medicine, but it is very expensive,while autohemotherapy can produce the same effectat a very low cost. so it can be used by all levelsof society without any problem. this is its great advantage! beginnings and expansionof the autohemotherapy practice i started to applyautohemotherapy

when i was still a medicalstudent in 1943, when i joined theschool of medicine. i joined the nationalschool of medicine, at the praia vermelha,rio de janeiro, and my father wasa professor at this school and also the headof the infirmary at santa casa hospitaland a general surgeon. firstly, he taught me how to drawblood and reinject it into the muscle and he used to send me to the house ofevery patient he was going to operate on.

i had to go the day beforethey were admitted to the casa de sao jose hospital.where he used to operate on and inject 10 ml of blood intothe patient, and 5 days later he didn't wait for therate to drop to zero, and 5 days later i used to dothe same procedure to the patient while still in hospital, because at that time hospitalisationused to last on average a week. i don't know how he hadthe courage to operate on with me as his assistant,

because i only knew how to holdthe instruments and nothing else. i think he used to operate alone, because i could only holdthe instruments and nothing else, i had learned only howto draw blood from a vein and reinjected it intothe muscle, nothing else, and there has neverbeen any problem and with this, he hadone of the lowest rates of hospital infectioni have ever seen. he used to do this becauseof prof. jesse teixeira's work,

done specifically to avoidpost-operative infections and resulted in thebiggest prize for surgery, amongst the workspublished in 1940, translated into bothfrench and english, and this work of jesse teixeirawas a huge success. my father usedthis technique, because he had readjesse teixeira's work who had carried out 150operations of different types, compared to 150identical operations.

he had 0% of post-operative infections in the operations wherehe injected blood and in the other operations,to prove the contrary, he didn't inject blood, andfor the same operations, he had 20%cases of infection. the big problem at that time waspost-operative chest infection, because the anesthesiawas done with ether which irritates thelungs very much and it was very easyto get an infection

and because i learnedthis from him for many yearsi used autohemotherapy exclusively to treatinfections, juvenile acne which is a staphylococcusinfection, and also to preventinfections on patients because at that timei was also a surgeon, so i also usedthe same method. the purpose wasbasically to fight bacteria. it was only from 1976 that i started to useit to treat a wider range of conditions,

thanks to dr. floramante garofalo,a gynecologist and an assistant to the cardoso fontes hospital's directorin the district of jacarepagua. he was the most knowledgeableperson on hospital equipment in brazil. he was alreadyretired, he was 71. he was commissioned bydr. amaury de carvalho, who was the hospital director,to equip the hospital because the hospital used to bea sanatorium for tuberculosis that had been turnedinto a general hospital, so all the clinicsneeded to equipped

and he became a director's assistant,and i was also a director's assistant. one day, prof. garofalo or dr.garofalo, well, let us say professor, because he deservedto be called professor, he complained about a pain a numbness in his leg whenwalking for 100 to 200 yards, he had to sit down inthe street on the curb, because he was not ableto walk any further. so then i saidto him: garofalo, you have to be examinedby an angiologist.

we have an excellent one here,dr. antonio vieira de melo, a cousin german of sergiovieira de melo who died in iraq. so he will haveto examine your leg. he first examined it withan apparatus, and said: there is an obstruction inthe middle of your thigh. well, how big is it? dr. garofalo asked: only with anarteriography to find out. he replied:

we then went to the x-ray,he had an arteriography, and he had an obstructedartery 4 inches long. the angiologist antonio vieirade melo told dr. garofalo: the only solution is a prosthesis,removing 4 inches of this artery and replacing it with a prosthesismade from a plastic called dralon. no, you won't do this to me, dr. garofalo then said laughing: because i don't want tobecome a bionic man. today it is thisartery in my thigh,

tomorrow it will be the onein my arm or in my other leg. so the only way is tokeep having prostheses? no, autohemotherapy iswhat is going to cure me. then he asked me to applyautohemotherapy to him. every 7 days he broughta syringe, all prepared, and i applied autohemotherapy to him. at the end of 4 months,he told me: i don't feel illanymore, i am cured. i said: it is up to dr. antoniode melo to discharge you

and say whetheryou are ok or not. we went to dr. antoniovieira de melo who said: i don't believe this. it'simpossible! this is suggestion. you convinced yourself so muchabout this autohemotherapy that you are thinkingyou are cured. dr. garofalo said:now i can walk for miles and i don't haveproblems anymore. well, it may be suggestion. dr. melo said:

so i then replied: there isno point in us arguing whether it issuggestion or not. garofalo, would youdo another arteriography? right away! let's do it!. he said: we went to the x-ray and whenhe did a second arteriography, there was noobstruction anymore. and so he lived untilhe was older than 90, walking along this generalroca street, close to my house

and died when he was over 95without ever being operated on. it was really amazing. this was the beginning, in 1976,between may and september 76, when i applied autohemotherapyto dr. garofalo and cured him. as a reward, he gave mea present. he gave two works: one from prof. jesse teixeira and theother from dr. ricardo veronesi. there is a gap of 36 yearsbetween these two works, one is from 1940 andthe other from 1976, but the impression is thatone was made for the other,

one to combineto the other. why? because whilethis one was limited to prevent post-operative infections, in this one, the work ofprof. ricardo veronesi, who is a professor atthe university of santos, immunology had advanced muchfurther and it had been discovered that the reticulo-endothelial system has many other functions besidesfighting bacteria, much more than that. we can read in few minuteswhat is the essence of it.

what do macrophages do?their main functions are: according to dr. ricardoveroseni's work clearance of foreign particlesfrom the blood or tissues, including neoplasic cells, i.e. cancerous cells toxins and othertoxic substances. clearance of steroids andtheir biotransformation. clearance of hormones,i. e., steroids. removal of fibrin microaggregates

and prevention ofintravascular coagulation. this is why i haveautohemotherapy, to prevent infarctsand thromboses, cerebral thromboses, infarctsof the coronary arteries, because it preventsintravascular coagulation and remove a clotting thatmight have happened, as it removed the fibrin that clotteddr. garofalo's femoral artery. this is why i haveautohemotherapy. ingestion of antigen, itsprocessing and later on,

delivery to theb and t-lymphocytes. an antigen producesan allergic reaction, so it works very wellwhen treating allergies. biotransformation andexcretion of cholesterol. iron metabolism andformation of bilirubin metabolism of proteins andremoval of denatured proteins i.e., abnormal proteins detoxification andmetabolism of drugs. imagine! metabolism of proteinsand removal of denatured proteins!

today it is knownthat the encephalitis, the mad cow disease is caused bya prion protein that is denatured, so it could helptreat this disease. being responsible for so manyand such important functions, it is easy to understandthe role played by the reticulo-endothelial system in both favourable andunfavourable determinism of so many differentpathological processes such as, infectious, neoplasic,i.e. cancer,

degenerative andautoimmune ones. later on i will tell you a case, wheni started to treat autoimmune diseases. very well, now the sad thing isthat what prof. jesse teixeira discovered in 1940,in 1976, 36 years later was still being studied infirst world countries in rats, and it didn't have here thedissemination it should have had. it is written here in this part. degenerative diseases. the reticulo-endothelial system

plays an importantrole in homeostasis, this means keepingthe organism healthy including that of the lipids, i. e. fats in this way it has beendemonstrated in animals that the reticulo-endothelial systemis involved in the production and excretion of cholesterol,either endogenous or exogenous. from this, the conclusion isthat the hypercholesterolemia and perhaps, arteriosclerosis

a degenerative processthat hardens the arteries depends on the perfect functioningof the reticulo-endothelial system. the cholesterol rate inthe blood can be reduced through the immunostimulation of the system according to experimentscarried out in rats at the university of tenessee. while in 1940 in brazilprof. jesse teixeira discovered in human beings how to stimulatethe reticulo-endothelial system, in 1976, 36 years later, in tenessee,usa, it was being studied in rats.

we are carrying outexperiments for this purpose at the workplace of prof. luizv. decourt in sao paulo. that is to say, that autohemotherapyis a resource of very great value, because with the scopethat came about with the advancementof immunology, earlier on it was only knownthat it fought infections i only used it to reduce the timeto cure, for example, a pneumonia. i prescribed an antibiotic and at thesame time used autohemotherapy and with this firstly, i was ableto reduce the amount of antibiotics,

and the cure was quicker becausethe antibiotics were doing its part that is, paralysing thereproduction of the microbes and the autohemotherapy wasstimulating the macrophages to devour these microbes,therefore they complemented each other's action and withthis i had very good results in serious diseases suchas double pneumonia. i solved problems usingthis two resources one of them paralysing thereproduction of bacteria many people think thatantibiotics are bactericidal.

antibiotics don't kill bacteria,only paralyse their reproduction, our own immune system kills bacteriacompleting the antibiotic's work. the antibiotic gives it a chance to activate itselfand defeat the infection. scleroderma on 10 september 1976, i wasthe head of the medical clinic at the cardoso fontes hospital, and there was a consultantdermatologist there, dr. ryssia alvarezfloriao who works

very close to hereat sans pena square. she did a diagnosis with 3 biopsiesof a lady unable to walk for 8 months, was on a stretcher, paralysedand was admitted to hospital. she did a diagnosiswith 3 biopsies and sent them to the anatomopathology of the hospital and dr. gloria moraes, headof the anatomo pathology gave her medical opinion:terminal phase of scleroderma. then dr. ryssia decidedto give a lesson. every monday we hada lesson on cases

that were not routine andthis was a very rare case, scleroderma is an autoimmunedisease that is not frequent. she gave a very beautifullesson and i learned a lot, i only knew it from books,but i had never seen a scleroderma patientand i was her boss. when she finished thelesson, at the prognostic, to say what could bedone for the patient dr. ryssia asked the nurseto take the patient away. i understood why and said:

now is the time to hear whatcan be done for the patient. you asked to take the patientaway for her not to hear. it is true. there isnothing i can do for this patient. she said: i said to ryssia: will you passthis patient to me, so i can apply a technique which is not usualand is called autohemotherapy? she laughed in front of me andmy two assistants and said: dr. moura, i wasa resident doctor you know that i arrivedfrom the usa in may

and i was a resident doctorin a clinic where all the cases of sclerodermain the usa converged to, this clinic was nothing more thana repository of scleroderma patients. what do youthink you can do? i said: i am going home now to get the two works of dr. jesseteixeira and dr. ricardo veronesi i will get these two works and you will see that theidea is well-founded. it took me 20 minutesto bring them

and i read the mainparts of the two works and i asked her:what now ryssia?. ah, it has a logic,it may work, it is worth while. as i was going to do somethingnever done before in a hospital, i used a huge dose, i took 20 ccof blood and reinjected 5 cc in each arm and5 cc in each buttock, i had to get a result, eitherit was going to work or not, i had to cometo a conclusion. the improvementwas really amazing.

a patient with sclerodermahas the skin that resembles an alligator's hard skin,leading to a terrible death, from asphyxia, because they arenot able to breath anymore. the lungs cannot expand, because thebody becomes as if were a wooden block. as unbelievable as itmay seem, 30 days later, on 10th october 1976, thispatient left the hospital on foot. what are the other indicationsof autohemotherapy? many, many indications. firstly:all infectious diseases in general. secondly: all allergic diseases,it has a wonderful effect on

bronchial asthma,skin allergies, on diseases of which not muchis yet known, for instance, it works wonderfullywell on psoriasis, on autoimmune diseases,which are many today crohn's disease, an autoimmunedisease that destroys the intestine the antibodies attack theend of the small intestine. on crohn's disease, on lupus,i already used it on lupus. i had a patient, i will mentionher only by her initials, r. s., she teaches dance to childrenin the city of caxias.

she had lupus,i mean she has, but she has no more symptoms,as if she has been cured. she takes thesechildren every year sponsored by italyto dance in italy. she teaches danceto street children. i treated the lupus she had,she couldn't work at all. it works on scleroderma,as i mentioned earlier, it produces an excellentresult on rheumatoid arthritis. i have a patient from the federaluniversity of rio de janeiro,

she is an employee, she had not been ableto walk for 8 years and with autohemotherapytoday she is ok. she comes upstairs to my surgery,takes a bus, has no problems. it works on serious miastenias,i have a patient who is my age, 78. she is a month older, she will be 79earlier than me, i will be 79 in may. she was diagnosed withserious miastenias in 1980 at the institute of neurology,at pasteur avenue, and they considered that nothingcould be done in her case.

she has been having autohemotherapy since 1980. she is the only survivor from allserious miastenias diagnostics of patients that had seriousmiastenias at that time when she started the treatment in1980, she is the only one alive. she comes to my surgerywith her daughter by bus. she is poor, comes to mysurgery by bus, 24 years on. so it is really incredible thata work that benefits and relieves the suffering of somany people, in so many areas, in so many pathologies,in so many different types

of chronic and acutediseases is not disseminated. i know i am wrong not to takethe flu vaccine for the elderly, but as i do autohemotherapyi don't need a flu jab, because i keep myimmune system boosted. i don't condemn it, it is very goodthat everybody takes the flu jab. i don't need itneither does my wife, because we haveautohemotherapy, we keep our immunesystem activated. so it is truly atherapeutic resource

with an enormous reach,enormous indeed. and it has benefits, for instance,in 1980 at a surgery i had in the town centre inthe de paoli building, i attended a lady, i will call hergraca so she cannot be identified. this lady had beendiagnosed with scleroderma by the petrobras medical serviceand it was considered incurable, so they decided to giveher early retirement. she came to me and i told herabout the scleroderma patient, 4 years ago from thecardoso fontes hospital.

she decided to have thetreatment and i treated her. she has no moresymptoms until today. she will retire only in 2005when her retirement age is due. she was goingto retire in 1980, but now she will beretiring 25 years later. this can change lives in thesame way it changed her life. imagine if she hadretired at that time, what kind of pensionwould she have today? probably she would not be alive,if she had not had this treatment.

so autohemotherapyis a resource that has a very widerange of applications and there is a scientificexplanation for how it works. it is not something that canbe said to be mysterious or magical or anysort of panacea, no! it is known how it worksand has been proved. in fact, all earlier europeanstudies were based on empiricism, nobody had provenhow this treatment works. a brazilian, prof. jesse teixeira,proved how it works in 1940.

from this date on, it having beenscientifically proved how it works, this treatment was supposed tohave been disseminated and used, because medicine is becomingmore and more expensive. the resources are moreand more expensive. many diseases that auto hemotherapyprevents happen in old age the elderly are becominga very heavy burden in relation to expenses andthis is why health plans charge elderly people an absurd pricebecause they cost much more to be kept alive andin relative health.

we do autohemotherapyand are an example we have a health plan and we are not causing anyexpense to the health plan. my wife is 77 andi am nearly 79. we always have an agedifference of two years but sometimesshe grows older and then we have an agedifference of only one year. this is the only difference. so really, this treatment issomething of great value.

i hope that we will beable to disseminate it and in time bereally successful and make somecolleagues start to use it as they will bepressured by patients. the truth is that whenthey see the results, the patients tell the resultsand they can't explain, many go off at a tangent andclaim it is spontaneous remission, not to admit that it wasdue to autohemotherapy. ovarian cysts and myoma

my daughter who livesin spain was sterile, she had polycystic ovaries, she was my first case, she was not ableto become pregnant. in spain, dr. pedro, laterbecame her obstetrician and deliveredher two children. he applied auto-hemotherapy to her and about 6 months latershe had no more cysts. the immune systemhad devoured the cysts

and she became pregnantfor the first time. dr. pedro who appliedautohemotherapy to her carried on the treatment, andthen she became pregnant for the second time andthen for over 20 years, he applied the iud for hernot to become pregnant again. then the problem wasthe other way around. before she had been sterile, butlater on she had to use the iud because she was alreadyhappy with a boy and a girl. i have two grandchildren, my grandsonis 21 and my granddaughter 23,

she is an agronomist and heworks with sound and image. later on, i used it onmany patients here, and resolved many cases ofovarian cysts and myoma as well. the myoma is devouredby the immune system. so it is really somethingof a great value and i hope that now we can achievea wider dissemination. thrombocytopenic purpura the thrombocytopenic purpura, it was incredible the resultsof this case of purpura

and also mrs. maura's case,i will mention only her name, she was about to haveher leg amputated but autohemotherapysaved her leg. she can hire out horses now simplybecause she had autohemotherapy, otherwise she couldhire out horses at all, because she could notwork with just one leg. she was going to have anamputation at thigh height. the autohemotherapy in thiscase of purpura was like this: there was a lady whohad a son, about 1 year old

her gums started to bleed, even bleeding throughher ear, an otorrhagia. when the doctor invisconde de maua realised that she could die, he senther to city of resende. then she was referred to a hematologistin the city of volta redonda, and he found out she onlyhad 10,000 platelets, whilst the normal range is200,000 to 400,000 platelets. then the treatment beganwith high doses of cortisone, 100 milligrams of meticortena day, a huge dose!

the hemorrhages disappearedthe platelets increased to 150,000 and thus she spent 6 monthson cortisone, meticorten. after 6 months the cortisonedidn't work anymore, but the cortisone hadmade her swell up. she didn't put on weight,she swelled up by 6 stone, even so, it didn'twork anymore, this is why thetreatment stopped. he replaced the cortisonethat ceased to work and the platelets droppeddown to a minimum again.

he replaced the cortisoneby two medicines used in chemotherapy for cancer,endoxan and metroxathe. then the platelet countincreased again and returned to normal,for two months and at the end of two monthsthey also stopped working, then the doctor referredher to a surgeon who was going toremove her spleen, because the plateletsare killed in the spleen. for some reason thatmedicine doesn't yet know,

the platelets are notrecognised as their own and the spleen killsthese platelets when they arejust a day old, when they shouldlive for 5 days and as result the bonemarrow is not able to replacethese platelets, which are killedat a very young age. then the onlysolution found was a splenectomy,removing the spleen,

but as a young womanin her early 20's, with a one andhalf year old son, she wondered whether she wasgoing to be cured for sure or not. there will be a cure only the surgeon was honest and said: if the liver replaces thefunction of the spleen, otherwise you won't havea life worth living and won't livefor very long. so she decided not tohave a splenectomy

and returned tovisconde de maua. i told her to haveautohemotherapy and at the end of six months,she was cured and is until today. after that she had two morechildren, and with her spleen. she didn't have tohave a splenectomy so this was amazing. gangrene from a spider's bite mrs. maura who hires out horses,was bitten by an armed spider, which is the worst spider,worse than the tarantula

or the black widow,even though it is small. it is called armedspider because it strikes, it is brown and likesliving in old wood and because it is coldthere in the winter there is alwayswood for fireplaces. this spider bit her legand caused gangrene. her tibia and fibula wereexposed, it was horrible. as there is no antidote, the butantainstitute strongly recommends amputation, so she went to the hospitalto have an amputation

and now i will tellyou a curious case because jokesare interesting. mrs. maura is an oddperson, very funny, but it is worth metelling you this. she did whatwas right, but she didn't fullyunderstand why. she went there fora amputation of her leg, she thought they weregoing to put a dressing, tied to the operation table, she wastold her leg was going to be cut off

then she start to screamand asked to be untied. they said no, and thatshe was going to die if she did not haveher leg amputated. so she asked for a chiefof police to be called. he came and said to her: well, if you sign adischarge agreement, the doctors will release you,but you will have to sign it, because they claim youwill die from gangrene. she decided to sign and returnedto maua thinking about dying.

she was then referred to me andi did autohemotherapy to her, but then i remembered anotherresource used by a french doctor, a surgeon during the 1914 to1918 war called pierre delbet who saved many limbsfrom being amputated with a magnesiumchloride solution. he prepared it with 20 gramsin 2 litres of water to be isotonic he washed the wounds withthis chloride solution and he saved severalpeople who had gangrene. i think the two thingsworked together:

the action of thissolution that worked as a verypowerful disinfectant and the autohemotherapythat worked as a powerfulimmune stimulant. the two thingsworked together. and in 2 to 3 weeksmrs. maura's leg had been cured. but then comesthe funny side, she booked an appointmentwith the doctor who was doing what the butanta institutetold him to do.

she booked an appointmentat his private surgery, and waited until thewaiting room was full and said to the doctor: look at the leg that youwere going to chop off!. but, being afarmer, she said: if you had not cut offanyone's leg for a long time and needed topractice on my leg, i would havebrought you a pig so you would havefour legs to amputate.

this is mrs. maura,she speaks her mind. the doctor really thoughthe had to amputate, but she understood he wantedto practice on her leg as he had not amputatedany leg for a long time. has autohemotherapy anyapplication for multiple sclerosis? yes, it has, but it isnot the same thing, because this is morea degenerative disease it is not an autoimmune disease, not an auto-aggressionby antibodies.

it is a disease where the myelin sheath,the white part of nerves, is destroyed. it is assumed to be genetic, theperson is born with a tendency to it. in families with multiple sclerosisvery often it will occur in more people it is more often inwomen than in men. it is like hemophilia, womendon't have it, but they pass it on. men have it,but they don't pass it on, i used autohemotherapyin multiple sclerosis, but it didn'trevert the disease in the same way as withlupus and rheumatoid arthritis,

but she has been surviving formany years and in good health at least it stops ordelays the development of the disease,there is a benefit, but it is not the same result asin other autoimmune diseases where the results arevery good indeed. a girl with veryserious asthma this girl had an asthmatic illness,it is an extremely serious asthma, she was very often in hospitalto receive oxygen, in the early hoursof the morning

her mother had to takeher for treatment. someone recommendedme as i treat asthma and always useautohemotherapy. i then prescribedautohemotherapy to her. she was a10 year old child and accepted it well,so the treatment started. normally i ask the patientto return two months later, but in this case i asked herto return one month later, but she didn't turn up.

two months later, the motherarrived with her child. she was reallyvery embarrassed, she almost wantedto hide under the table. i want to apologise. i didn't bring mydaughter because when i was lookingfor the prescription from the pediatrician whohas been treating her since she was nine months she became afriend of the family goes to our birthday parties, it happened that yourprescription came to hand.

the doctor saw the prescriptionfor autohemotherapy and said: this doesn't exist!for god's sake, don't do this to your daughter,you will kill her. she is like a daughterto me, i like her. and this was true. the child had been herpatient for 9 and half years and the doctorfrequented their house. but this happened three weeksafter she had left my surgery and the girlhad got better.

she spent that time withoutstaying in hospital, she was in hospitalnearly every week. then the mother decided not to do,because she trusted her doctor, and with me it washer first consultation she had been with the otherdoctor for 9 and half years. but a month later, she startedto get worse again. then the daughter demandedto be taken to the surgery, saying: i want to carry onthis treatment, i felt well. ah, but i haveto speak to the doctor.

her mother said: on this day, my clients were left to vegetatein the waiting room, i spent two hours with her, to explain and convince her thatthere was no risk whatsoever. i had to giveumpteen examples to make sure she wasgoing to carry on. but at a certain moment,she said to her daughter: very well, i will do it, butyou will kneel down here and swear that youwon't tell the doctor. she made her kneeldown and promise

that she would nottell the doctor! and this secret waskept for a year. i discharged herone year later, she was cured and neveragain had asthma attacks. but her mother camewith a guilty conscience at the end of yearwhen i discharged her. the doctor thinksthat what cured her was the treatment thathad taken nine years to work, but eventually did, becauseshe is sure i didn't carry on

with your treatment, but i did. my conscience is troubling me because she is an allergistand has so many patients with the same problemthat could benefit from it, and my conscienceis troubling me. so i said to her: it isyour problem, not mine, you are the onewho has to tell her! i made my daughter swearshe wouldn't tell her, how am i goingto deal with this now?

will she haveto confess as well? i said: you are the onewho made her swear, the problem is nothers, it is yours. i don't know if she endedup telling the doctor because i discharged the girland she never had asthma again. autohemotherapy dosages the initial techniques, stillempirical, began in 1912 with a french professorcalled ravaut. he used increasing dosesof 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, up to 10cc.

later on jesse teixeirano longer did it that way. he injected onlyone dose of 10 ml, to avoid post-operative infections, he injected 10 ml and5 days later another 10 ml, this is how i started to doaccording to my father's direction i reached the conclusionthat the dosage varies with the seriousnessof the problem. 5 ml for not a veryserious disease. for lupus i onlyuse 10 ml,

for serious miastenias andrheumatoid arthritis i use 10 ml. for allergy, asthma,normally, 5 ml is enough. for rhinitis 5 ml, there isno need for bigger doses. in desperate cases, such asthe first case of scleroderma i treated in 1976, i used20 ml to start with because i neededa violent reaction for the patientto able to recover from a nearly terminalphase of scleroderma, anything wasworth trying.

autohemotherapy can bedone for 10, 15 or 20 years. i have been having itfor over 20 years there are nocontra-indications. i keep having itto avoid diseases that would comeinto my daily life, because as i amgetting older, i've gone through theage of vascular accidents. i had it to avoid cerebraland cardiac vascular accidents now i have it to protectme also against cancer,

by keeping my immunesystem boosted i always have macrophagesready to devour cancerous cells, at old age or even young agecancerous cells appear like a factory withits quality control, there are always faulty productsso there must be a quality control our immune system does thequality control on our cells, there is no limit to its use,it can be used for a lifetime. i tell my patients to have a series of10 injections, then a rest for a month. in some cases justfor prevention only,

a rest of 2 or 3 monthsand then another series, let's say it is to be usedon a permanent basis, at intervals, and the intervalsdepend on the purpose for which the autohemotherapyis being applied, if it is only preventive, it canbe done with long gaps. if the purpose is an existingcondition to be kept under control, then it is done with shorter gaps,10 injections with a 30 day gap. on many patientsi begin with 10 ml in the acute phaseof the disease,

afterwards i reduce itto 5 ml a week because it is notnecessary more. for example, my neighbourfrom visconde de maua had a disease that wasgoing to make her blind, she had toxoplasmosis and onlyhad 20% of her eyesight left. one day, a friend of herstold me about her and then i prescribed autohemotherapy for her. when she realised she gotbetter, she increased from 10 ml to 20 ml10 ml in each buttock

and she recovered80% of her eyesight she is still doing it today, thishappened over 10 years ago the interval betweeninjections is 7 days. in rare cases i doit every 5 days when i want to keepthe macrophages rate at its top levelabove 20%. when there is no need, when the infection or theproblem is under control, then i do it every 7 days,because it is possible

to reactivate on the 7th dayand return again to 20%. i have not explained yet that from the moment the autohemotherapy is applied it takes 8 hours for the rate of 5%to reach 22%, it increases by the hour. the technique jesseteixeira used to prove how autohemotherapyworks was very simple. why was simple? it issimple after we read it, because the difficultything is the discovery. he discovered that byapplying a caustic substance

called cantharis to thethigh, a blister was formed. and then whatdid he do? he drew liquidfrom the blister and count the macrophagesand found it to be 5%, and for several days he produceda blister and found to be 5%. then he carried outthe autohemotherapy and took a few drops fromthe blister each hour. each hour the level ofmacrophages kept increasing and at the end of 8 hours,it reached 22%

and he found that for 5 daysit remained at 20 to 22%. everyday he took few drops,but it remained at 20 to 22% and from the 5th to 7th daythen the rate started to drop. he did autohemotherapy onrabbits and found that the action of the autohemotherapy finishedwhen the blood finished, because he sacrificed the rabbitsand found the rate returned to 5%. where the blood had been injected,there was no blood anymore. autohemotherapy is alsoused in veterinary work, it is used in cows that have a virusdisease called papilomatosis

this disease are warts thatappear on the snout of cows, and really harms cows a lot. by applying autohemotherapy,done with 20 ml in cows all the wartsfall off in 2 to 3 days. some patients want 10 mlinjected in just one arm, only to avoid being prickedtwice, but i am against it! i think the muscle of the arm,the deltoid, can take well 5 ml. 10 ml can be injectedinto the buttock. the gluteal muscle has acapacity to receive 10 ml.

mrs. malu, the one i told youabout with toxoplasmosis, injected 10 mlin each buttock, because she wanted tohave a maximum effect to save her eyesight, but thiswas her own decision, i didn't prescribe 20 ml, she herself decidedto take 20 ml, for a more efficient result. a study on thedosage needs to be carried out to see what isthe dosage really needed. i have beenthinking about what would be the ratioin relation to body weight.

dosages of medicines varyaccording to body weight, the dosage fora child of 5 stone is much less than fora person of 11 stone it may be unnecessaryfor small children to use an adult dosage of 5 ml,a dosage of 2 or 3 ml may do. i hope that this dvd andthe dissemination that it will result from it willraise the interest of people who want to carry outa laboratory research and have themeans for it

because all i do is basedon clinical studies, based on reasoning, withoutany laboratory research because i don't havea laboratory for that. it is all clinic researchof practical application. all my studies come frompractical application. i am sure that this techniqueis totally harmless, it does not harm people,i've never seen any problem. a penicillin injection can resultin an anaphylactic shock. but people's own blood doesn'tcause an anaphylactic shock.

there is no risk at allin this treatment, i've never seen any abscessnor contamination. why there is no abscess? because it stimulatesthe immune system, and it should be done underthe best hygienic conditions, but even if it is badly applied,an infection would be rare, because the immune system is wellarmed and increased fourfold, this is why i've neverseen any problem. i've seen patients who cannotstand the sight of blood

and when they have aninjection, they pass out but this is anemotional problem and has nothing to dowith autohemotherapy, it has nothing to do withthe person's balance. i really think this is aninvaluable technique and i hope that now we canachieve a wide dissemination. alexander fleming andthe discovery of the antibiotic he was a gardener's son,who became a lord, a gardener's son had neverbecame a lord before,

thanks to the almost drowning of winstonchurchill who was 8 when he fell into a well. alexander fleming was 10, he was the gardener's son of winstonchurchill's father called lord churchill. he saved winston churchill,by pulling him out of the well. lord churchill calledalexander's father and said: winston churchill's. my son's life is priceless. fortunately, because hitler didn'tsucceed thanks to winston churchill ask for anything andi will give it to you,

if you want a housei will give you a house. no, i don't need a house, iwas born here, my father was born here, my grandfather was thefirst one to work here. i need to fulfila wish of one of my sons. i have four children, three willbe labourers like me they have no interests, but alexander ever sincehe was very small says he wants to be adoctor and researcher and i don't have the meansat all to fulfil his wish. then he will be,

then lord churchill said: if he has the ability,money is not a problem. alexander then graduatedin medicine and thanks to his humbleness hediscovered penicillin. lord churchill offered him any roomout of the 100 rooms in his mansion alexander himselftold us this in 1951 at the servidor do estado hospitalat the sacadura cabral street. you can choose oneof the 100 rooms. so lord churchill said:

no, you sometimes have guests, alexander replied: taking all rooms, a place underthe staircase is enough. there were two curved staircasesleading up to the second floor. there is enough space underneaththem to set up my laboratory. luckily, it was avery humid place and while he was carrying outexperiments with culture plates due to the humidity, afungus that loves humidity, namely, thepenicilium notatum,

destroyed one of those cultureplates of a certain microbe and as he wasa researcher, instead of angrily throwingthe spoiled culture away, he wondered why that haloof destruction had appeared and he found this fungus anddiscovered that this fungus the penicilium notatum, dischargeda substance called penicillin, so he started to useantibiotics in cows and horses at the jockey club in london,and in cows at nearby farms, with some infectiousdiseases and pneumonia.

one day the royal air forcecommander came to fetch him to apply penicillin to winston churchillwho was dying in north africa. winston churchillhad gone there to give marshal montgomerymoral support because he was being defeated by marshalrommel, hitler's desert fox. he went there to give him supportand caught double pneumonia, and there no resources anymoreand practically no hope for him. both alexander fleming andthe royal air force commander crossed over europeon their own,

passing over areas occupiedby germans, but at high altitudes, they could have gone around spainthrough not dangerous regions, but they flew and arrived in timeto apply penicillin to churchill. and he with his simplicity said tothe royal air force commander: but churchill of all people, will be the first human beingto have a penicillin injection! what? churchill,our prime minister?! it is all or nothing. in this way he saved winstonchurchill for the second time,

the first time from the well thatresulted in him studying medicine. now, it comesthe important side. he had found out in hisresearches that microbes over a period of 10 yearsacquire resistance to antibiotics but also they wouldlose their memory if the antibiotics were notused for a certain time. so every antibiotic should beused for 10 years at most, and then discontinued, if possible,for a few years or even 10 years since many other antibioticswould appear,

since the secret formulahad been discovered, i.e. a fungusproducing an antibiotic, other fungi also have adeadly effect on microbes. this is whysuch a wide range of antibiotics have appeared,all based on fungi. this was all that neededto be done, but greed resulted in a permanent use of antibiotics,not discontinuing them, and with this, microbescreated resistance. nowadays, doctors in hospitalssay as a joke that

there are resident microbesthat love antibiotics, they are not resistant,but resident. this is the story told by alexanderfleming, the discoverer of penicillin. the antibiotics led the use of auto-hemotherapy to be discontinued when the right thing to do would beadding to it and not replacing it. why? because each oneworks in a different way. antibiotics prevent thereproduction of microbes. the immune systemdevours the microbes, taking advantage of the small numberof microbes, has enough time to work

because the antibiotic controlsthe reproduction of microbes. the term 'macro' means bigand 'phagos' means eat, therefore, macrophagemeans 'eating big particles'. the macrophages devour themicrobes helped by the antibiotic. this means thatif autohemotherapy had been continued to beused together with antibiotics there would be much fewer casesof resistance to antibiotics, because there would be noresistant strains left that later on would reproduce into otherresistant strains of microbes.

cancer preventionthrough autohemotherapy cancer is an anarchicalreproduction of cells. if a person's organism doesn'trecognise these cells as their own and starts to destroythem at their birthplace the person can produce theso-called pre-cancerous cells and stop there and they don'tbecome cancerous cells, if the immune systemis working properly. cancer occurs much more oftenwhen, as the person gets older, a gland that controlsthe immune system

which is a gland in the chestcalled thymus starts to atrophy, then the frequency of casesof cancer starts to increase. if the immunesystem is activated, it is a prevention to alikely cancer, because cancer doesn't start with a hugeamount of anarchical cells it starts witha small number. if the immune system is vigilant,it may destroy the cancer right away, but this also dependson the person's age and if the thymushas not atrophied yet

if the immune systemis still fully active after the age of 55, thedecline of the thymus begins. this is why menhas prostate cancer and women breast cancer.it happens earlier in women because they have been victimsof the contraceptive pill that also demands a lotfrom the immune system. if women took the pill andhad autohemotherapy there would beno problem, because they would keepthe immune system activated.

but the pill demands a lotfrom the immune system, because it is achemical hormone, and it requires fightingagainst the excess of hormones, so the immune system could dothis control, thus preventing the pill from having the harmful effectsthat every artificial hormone has, this is why todayin menopause natural hormone of fitotherapics,isoflavones is more used and the chemical replacementhormone is avoided. for cancer if the immunesystem is kept activated,

mainly after the age of 50,in my opinion at least after the age of 50 when thedecline of the thymus starts, it is high time to startautohemotherapy. a case of acne a few years ago i usedto stop for a snack whenever i travelledto visconde de maua, at a service station, where therewas also coffee shop, called ola. we stopped there and saw agirl with a terrible acne, her skin was violet, i havenever seen an acne like that,

it was the worst casei have ever seen. i saw that girl andthought: poor thing, she must be poor,i will be charitable to her, i will give her a prescription,although nobody is asking me for it, because i can easily cureher with autohemotherapy. i spoke to a plumpish youngwoman who was serving us and said: please, tell her i can curethe problem on her face for free. i could hardly have imaginedthat this girl was the daughter of the owner of the ola, embaixadorand presidente service stations

where there waseven a macdonald's. it was not for lack of money,and her mother said: every two months, we takeher to a dermatologist in rio, for the last two years, but therehas been no improvement. i said: i will give you aprescription for your daughter, although you didn'tasked me for anything. then i gave her a prescriptionfor autohemotherapy. her name is claudia,but this is not important. the result was that it came to bethe most expensive prescription

i have ever written,because for a year i couldn't pay for anythingat the service station, at the checkout, theowner had left orders to accept no moneyfrom me at all. one year later i decidednot to go there anymore, because i was embarrassedat not being allowed to pay when she was curedfrom this terrible acne, she got completely cleared of it,it was a miracle, the worst case of acnei have ever seen in my life.

magnesium chloride magnesium is hugely importantday-to-day, everyone should take it because food today ispoor in magnesium. the reason is very simple: plantsneed very much magnesium to breath. their chlorophyllic mechanism,i.e. fixing of carbonic gas and elimination of oxygen, is theopposite of what we do. we do thisthrough a mineral, iron is used for the breathingmechanism of red cells. plants need chlorophyll, whosestructure is basically magnesium,

the chemical fertiliserused today is the npk nitrogen, phosphorusand potassium. magnesium is not beingreplaced in the soil, and in the past, when citieswere all made up of houses with septic tanks, the magnesiumwe eliminated through feces went back tothe phreatic zone. but today everything goesinto the rivers and sea, resulting in an increasingly lowrate of magnesium in the soil because it is notbeing replaced.

the two most importantfunctions of magnesium are: it regulates the metabolismof calcium in the body, it fixes the calciumwhere it should be and eliminates the calcium fromwhere it should not be. therefore, spinal calcifications,joint, artery calcifications are due to lack of magnesium. kidney calcifications, calcium oxalatekidney stones are lack of magnesium. it is enough to give magnesium toa patient to dissolve kidney stones, if they are not urateor phosphate stones,

if they are calciumoxalate stones then they are due toa lack of magnesium. magnesium is so importantthat dr. delbet, a medical doctor used magnesiumto wash wounds without knowing whyin the 1914 to 1918 war. he published a book in 1940and later he discovered that magnesium also activatesthe immune system, and the proof of this is that, according to the maps ofcancer and magnesium

of italy and francein his book, the southern half of france,where the soil has magnesium, the death rate fromcancer is less than 3.5% and in the north of france, wherethe soil is poor in magnesium, more than 8.5% of peopledied from cancer. in italy it is much worse, it is very interesting how adecree by one of the cesares in force until today, hasconsequences until today and so many people die fromcancer without knowing why.

in prof. pierre delbet's book,'the preventive policy of cancer', he shows theincidence of cancer from the north tothe south of italy. because of a decreestill in force, by an emperor, one ofthe roman cesares, was forbidden to carry saltfrom one region to another to prevent salt frombecoming more expensive because of this and as thenorth of italy is very rich in rock salt mines, earthsalt that contains only

sodium chloride andzero magnesium the incidence of cancerranges from 7% to 10%. in central italy, where thecapital rome is located, as people use sea salt andthey have more money, they use a salt with a tiny littlebit of magnesium, 0.08%, the incidence of cancerdrops to 4.5%. and in the south of italy,because of the poverty, people use the saltthat is given to cattle. the south is therural area of italy.

this salt given to the cattle is veryrich in magnesium, but becomes brine, and every italian family haswooden vats to keep the salt, and as it becomes brinethey use it to season the food. this is theirmillenary tradition, and for this reasonin the south of italy, the incidence of cancer doesn't reach2%, just because of the magnesium. this is described in prof.pierre delbet's book, this is why he considersit so important. do you know where thischloride comes from?

from the salt produced atthe barrilha industry, in sao pedro de aldeia. magnesium is removed fromthe salt produced in cabo frio, to increase thesalt trade value. the salt with magnesiumcannot be packed, because it wouldburst the package. it is highly hygroscopic,it becomes humid, so the magnesium isremoved from the salt so it can be displayedon market shelves,

nicely dry and also it doesnot block the salt-cellar. the drier the salt, lessmagnesium it contains. when magnesium is removed, the salt becomesmore expensive and has less magnesiumand is drier. pure magnesium chloride at the shop where i buy it,b. herzog, at miguel couto street, it is sold as packed at thesao pedro da aldeia factory. now there are many factoriesthat remove the magnesium

from the saltto sell it separately. dosage anduse of magnesium it couldn't beeasier to make: 20g or 2 level tablespoons ora bit more in 1 litre of water makes a verygood solution. just as apreventive measure, it can be taken asa food supplement 1 small cup a day, but if the person already has aspine with osteophytose, arthrosis,

should take 2 small cups a day, ofthis magnesium chloride solution and it will eliminateall these calcifications. for kidney stones, i prescribeup to 3 small cups a day, and it will eliminate thesecalcium oxalate kidney stones. so this already solvesa lot of problems. now, in orderto wash wounds this strong solution of 20g in 1 litre of wateris not used, an isotonic solution is used, such as a saline infusionwith 9g to 1 litre of water. for magnesium, it is20g to 2 litres of water

or 10g to 1 litre to be isotonic,and 9g is for sodium chloride. this is the solution suitableto wash wounds and infections. it works better thanall these disinfectants, better than sodium hypochloriteand merthiolate, all of them, besides workingas a disinfectant it also stimulates the immunesystem in the area of the wound. and in the case of warts? magnesium should betaken in case of warts. warts occurs due toa lack of magnesium.

and due to this deficiency, virusescan multiply and create warts. what if the chloride becomeshumid inside the bottle? no, this is not important. does it never get dry? the salt has no expiry date,magnesium is eternal. kidney stones the lack of magnesium causescalcium oxalate kidney stones, because thecalcium precipitates and fixes to the oxalic acidcontained in potatoes,

tomatoes, spinach, producingcalcium oxalate kidney stones. are there other typesof kidney stones? there is the urate typeproduced by meats which produce uric acid andthe phosphate type that comes from other vegetables withphosphates and phosphorous. the calcium oxalate kidneystones is the opposite, the reason for these kidneystones is a lack of magnesium. does magnesium chloridestop cancer metastases? no, i wouldn't say it stops it,but at least slows it down.

prof. pierre delbet did provein his book that the individual by taking enough magnesiumthroughout their whole life has much less chanceof having cancer than those who have amagnesium deficiency. he did prove this in his book,the preventive policy of cancer. is there any contra-indication tothe use of magnesium chloride? the only case is when aperson has kidney failure, for example, if the person ison a hemodialysis machine. in this caseit will accumulate

because its excess iseliminated through urine. so there is no possibilityof an excess of magnesium because the excess goesout through the urine, but if the person is not passingurine, they may go from, a hypomagnesemia, which is usual,to a hypermagnesemia. correct dosage for instance, a wrong dosageis the magnesium chloride sold in pharmacieswith a dose of 33g, if it is dissolved in 1 litre ofwater, it can be a laxative.

in this case it is reallyexcessively concentrated, it should be20g to 1 litre or if bought from a pharmacy 33g in 1 and half litresof water or a bit more to keep itat the same proportion. dr. moura, will you give us ademonstration of autohemotherapy? yes, i will, no problem. i have the material. here at home weare never short

of material forautohemotherapy, here at home it isa most essential item. dr. moura applyingautohemotherapy to his wife. very well. it is done. it is a simple thing, isn't it? this can result in so muchless suffering. my goodness! ichthyosis this patient didn'thave a quick cure,

it took more or less a year forhis skin to change completely and for the fish scales-likelesions to disappear. his skin was very dry, it wasan agony and terribly itchy. he could not control himselfand he was a nurse assistant and this was damaging hiscontact with patients. the patients wereafraid of him. with the autohemotherapy he wasgradually getting better and better it is true that i alsogave him vitamin e, medicines that workin the skin, vitamin a

but autohemotherapywas what really worked. autohemotherapy was the mostimportant part of the treatment. i also prescribed minerals because his skinhad no vitality at all it was very dry, all wrinkledand with raised spots as if they were fish scales. this was the only caseof ichthyosis i treated. i don't remember any other caseof ichthyosis so clear as this one. aids

there are many aids patientshaving autohemotherapy and they aregetting on well. they keep the so called cd4rates at reasonable levels. because they alsouse other medicines, i cannot attribute it onlyto autohemotherapy. there is an improvement, i have patients who have beenliving with aids for many years and they lead a normal life. but they also take those cocktailstogether with autohemotherapy.

since autohemotherapy onlyacts on the immune side and aids is a disease thatstrikes the immune system, it is an acquiredimmuno deficiency, maybe autohemotherapyis contributing to this prolonged life span of goodquality for some patients i treat. it is not my area, becausei am not an infectologist, but i prescribeit as a complement along with other treatments theyhave and the results are good. a case of an aids cure

this dentist became contaminatedwith the hiv virus at his surgery he was a risk patientin the sense that as a dentist he didn'tprotect himself from the wounds of people withaids he treated at his surgery. he did a test andwas hiv positive. i asked him torepeat the test, because i knew he wasnot promiscuous, he only livedwith his wife, he was my patient sincehe was 4 years old,

he was a masterat flying kites, i cured his asthma whenhe was 5 years old. i decided to apply autohemotherapy to him to see whatwould happen. after the second test which waspositive, 2 semesters had gone by. he did the first testin 2 laboratories and 6 months later theresult was positive again. at the 3rd test, 6 months later,he called me on christmas eve to say he had greatnews for me

and the news was thatthe test was negative. then i said: don't celebrate yet. repeat the test in other laboratory.he did and was negative. about 6 yearshave gone by and was never positiveagain until today. i don't know if this was becausehe was in a very good health and the autohemotherapy wasa boost to his immune system that defeated the hiv virusand managed to finish it. he was a patient i treatedin very good conditions

right fromthe beginning. i treat mostsick people when they already have hiv for3, 5 and 8 years, it is different. i began to treathim two months after he was foundto be hiv positive. a patient with hepatitis c he got on very well, i mean, hemanaged to control the disease. the disease didn't getworse over the years and he has been getting on verywell with autohemotherapy.

he didn't come to usethis modern treatment, which is thepegylated interferon. he is not negative, but he hasno symptoms of any kind he has evidence of a very goodhepatic activity, always normal, but the virus markers remain andthey will for the rest of his life, because in all cases of hepatitisthe markers always remain. the person is curedbut a mark remains. combined useof autohemotherapy with ascaridil. ascaridil is a medicinethat is used for worms,

its generic raw material is calledlevamisole hydrochloride. the ascaridil wasdiscovered by chance by american doctors, whowere carrying out a campaign against verminosisin california. they found that patients withleukemia had got better, but the medicine wasprescribed for verminosis in a campaign against verminosisfor the poorest people in california. they decided to study thelevamisole hydrochloride and discovered its huge potentialas an immune stimulant

and that it worked witha series of diseases. it worked very well on herpes,herpes simplex and shingles, and even on hansen's diseaseit was used with great results, on rheumatoid arthritisand on cancer as well, by stimulating theimmune system. they used it as an aid tochemotherapy and radiotherapy. but mysteriously, theproduct for this purpose called stimamizol wasremoved from the market and neverappeared again.

i have a copy of thestimamizol directions taken from a pharmaceuticaldictionary, called def, i also made a copy ofthe ascaridil directions, because when i giveascaridil to my clients who have no verminosis, they may think that becauseof my age i have sclerosis. i have no verminosisand he gives ascaridil, they may think: i have rheumatoid arthritisand he gives ascaridil.

i have labial herpesand he gives me ascaridil. i have shingles andhe gives me ascaridil, he must have sclerosis. i always giveboth directions to show that they arethe same substance, ascaridil and stimamizol,both are the same medicine with the same raw material,levamisole hydrochloride at the same dosage,all the same. i replace with ascaridil, butthe patients take away a copy

of both medicine directions,one for verminosis and one for immune boosting,this is for the patient to know that they are not takingmedicine only for verminosis. i always prescribe ascaridiltogether with autohemotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis, and also for herpessimplex and shingles. i also give ascaridil to people with frequentvirus infection and flu, and it works very well. dosage of ascaridil levamisole hydrochlorideis an immune modulator,

it is not an immune stimulant. it can be addedto autohemotherapy. the levamisole hydrochloridewill work as a modulator, this is why the levamisolehydrochloride works very well in an autoimmune diseaseand probably other diseases, but the existing experience isonly with rheumatoid arthritis. 2 tablets a week must betaken for 8 weeks, later on stop for a month to releasethe body from the product and then repeat the dose.

as an immune modulatorwill help a lot in an autoimmune diseasecalled rheumatoid arthritis, and also works onmany other diseases, even on leprosy,the hansen's disease, levamisole hydrochlorideis used on brucellosis and and infections, it producesexcellent results on herpes, herpes simplex and shingles,both types, genital and labial. ascaridil, that is, levamisole hydrochloride,works very well on these diseases. does magnesium chloride work onosteoporosis, bursitis and arthrosis?

yes, because it regulates thewhole calcium metabolism. it fixes the calciumwhere it should be, for example, on osteopenias,and osteoporosis and removes the calciumfrom where it should not be, from arteries, joints, it removescalcium oxalate stones from kidneys removes general calcificationsin calcified bursitis. it removes the calciumwhen it is in the wrong place and fixes the calciumwhere there is a deficiency provided that at the same time theperson has a diet rich in calcium,

so for those who takemagnesium chloride there is no risk at all oftaking excess calcium. there is a risk of excess calcium,arteries and joints calcification for those who are nottaking magnesium, which regulates thedistribution of calcium, in this case reallythere is a risk. many people think that thosewho have arteriosclerosis cannot take calcium becauseit will harden the arteries, it will, if is not takenwith magnesium,

but if taken alongwith magnesium, no, because the calcium is onlygoing to fix where it should be. the magnesium is theregulator of calcium. can pregnant or breastfeedingwomen use autohemotherapy? pregnant women canhave autohemotherapy, there is no dangerwhatsoever. when breastfeeding, the milkwill contain more antibodies than if she were nothaving autohemotherapy. the child will receivean immune boost.

can people on chemotherapyhave autohemotherapy? people on chemotherapyand radiotherapy should have autohemotherapy,specifically for chemotherapy, for radiotherapy there is noneed to have autohemotherapy, because it is not goingto bring any benefit. for those people onchemotherapy, as chemotherapy negativelyaffects the immune system, because it is animmune suppressant not only on neoplasic, cancerouscells, but also on good defence cells,

then autohemotherapy donesimultaneously with chemotherapy will prevent the immune systemfrom becoming too low, because there is no chemotherapy yet aimedspecifically at cancerous cells, it also weakens the defence cells,and this is where autohemotherapy will be a counterbalance, it will reducethe harmful effects of chemotherapy it is not going to stop them,but it will reduce them. is autohemotherapy validin complications of diabetes? it would be valid, because incases of gangrene, for instance, i had a patient that had anulcer on her leg and foot,

going down as far as her ankle,and her tendons could be seen, it reached the point of amputationthat was booked for 3 days later. this lady had been adiabetic for many years. i was called by a memberof her family to see her and went to lins de vasconceloshospital to attend her and i felt that we shouldtry autohemotherapy to prevent theamputation of her foot and then i prescribedautohemotherapy. she had the treatmentfor a few weeks and

the ulcer closed and shedidn't need an amputation. she died about 20 yearslater, but with her foot. she died as aresult of diabetes, from an acute vascular accident,a myocardial infarction, because diabetes causesthese vascular accidents, it is a factor that triggersthis, and she died from it, but she diedwith her foot that was going to be amputated20 years before, this means that she gained20 years of a better quality life,

because she was still able to walkperfectly without using any aids. and on blindness cases? in blindness what happens isthat diabetes produces an arteritis, an inflammation in theintima of the arteries, and this is the reason whyit leads to blindness, it is due to a lack of oxygenationin the tissues because of a clogging. autohemotherapy can reallyhave an influence in some way, because it provides a betterprotection to the cell, it increases the resistance ofthe cell to this glucose irritation.

not that it cures, it doesn't workas a cure for diabetes, not at all, but at least itprotects the cell and the consequences, adverseeffects take much longer to happen. it is a way to delaythe destruction of cells that occurs as aresult of diabetes, which affects thewhole vascular system not only the small blood vessels,it affects even the bigger ones later. it is a disease that needs to befought with many medicines that work againstfree radicals.

controlling the glucoseis not enough, it is necessary to preventattacks by free radicals. this is achieved with vitaminsa, e and c, selenium and several substancesthat protect the cells. so everything to prevent damagesfrom the excess of glucose is worth. scope of autohemotherapy the scope of the autohemotherapyis really very wide, because it acts on theimmune system in general, increasing by four timesan area of the immune system

called the reticuloendothelial system, increasing the macrophagesfrom 5% to 22% and it is responsible forthis whole cleansing. by increasing the numberof macrophages, autohemotherapy makes the wholesystem of clearing the attackers that occurs in the body,be it a virus, a bacteria, abnormal pre-cancerous cells,be all inhibited by boosting the immune system and itsconsequences can be avoided. autohemotherapy really hasa wide range of applications

and i also have found that it workson an area of the nervous system, which is the autonomicnervous system. it harmonises thevago-sympathetic system and as a result makespeople feel more tranquil. tense people tendto be sympathicotonic. this causes vascular contractionand contributes to hypertension. autohemotherapy will keepthe blood pressure under control by keeping the right balance between the vagal system whichexpands the blood vessels

and the sympathetic system,which contracts the blood vessels. it is another help, togetherwith other resources, not autohemotherapyon its own. it helps fight hypertension, which is a disease that affectsbillions of people in the world due to the stress of modern life,fear and insecurity, all these. today hypertension is becoming avery serious public health problem and autohemotherapy, at least by balancing theneurovegetative system

helps make the consequencesof hypertension less serious. it increasespeople's well being. is autohemotherapyalways beneficial? yes, always, because theleast that can be said is that it works on the immune systemand its growth follows a curve, the immune system growsfrom the moment of birth, a child is born with a nearlynon-functional immune system, because the child receivesthe last load from the placenta when it contracts and throws a hugeamount of antibodies into the child.

for 6 months the child livesprotected by these antibodies received from the mother. then it would be the case that women, during pregnancy,should have autohemotherapy for the child to be born witha boosted immune system. at the end of this period iswhen children's diseases start, precisely because the child'simmune reserves have run out. then the child naturally starts tobuild its own immune system fighting against the environmentand the attackers around.

at this stage, also one verygood thing happens today because medicinehas advanced greatly and as a result child deathrate has dropped very much, a program of vaccines starts, which are an exercisefor the immune system. vaccines are exercises, a vaccine has the same effectas the attacks produced by diseases, it is an attenuated disease,but in a way that the body doesn't run the riskof becoming ill,

unless it is adefective vaccine, but if it is a perfect vaccineit doesn't cause disease, it causes immunityagainst the disease. the child's immune systemkeeps growing, and reaches its peak betweenthe ages of 14 and 16 years, when it becomesfully developed, then it stays at this level untilthe age of 50 to 55 years. then the immunesystem starts to decline, when the thymuswhich is a gland,

that controls the wholeimmune system, located in the cheststarts to atrophy. from then on, autohemotherapyhas a huge value as it will slow downthis curve of decline, then it would bethen indispensable, before that, the immunesystem is still very good. there are people with a lessdeficient immune system, others more, thisdepends on their diet. some eat very poorly,with a lack of nutrients

that stimulate the immunesystem, such as vitamins, mineral saltsor even proteins, because antibodies aremade up of protein, therefore, if they havea deficient diet, they will have a deficientimmune system. this is the reasonwhy many people live their lives practicallywithout any disease, resisting all attacksfrom the environment, from infectious diseasesand don't get ill

and others are illall the time because they have aweak immune system, but autohemotherapy will helpcounterbalance this deficiency. this does not mean thatthey should not be taught how to feedthemselves properly to stimulatethe immune system, but it would always counterbalance this diet deficiency. are intervals of lessthan 7 days harmful? not at all, because it is onlyfrom the 5th to the 7th day

that nearly all the blood hasbeen practically reabsorbed and the immunestimulation is declining. the stimulation happensbecause this blood represents a foreign bodyin the organism and the immune system boostsitself to reject this blood. if it is done with shortergaps, there is no decline, it is always in the rangeof 20% to 22% of macrophages, when the normal rate is 5%. there will be no harm,but there is no need

as it will only cause adiscomfort to the patient, because the vein will bepunctured more often and there is no need for it.if it is done every 7 days, when it reaches a minimumlevel a reactivation occurs. when i need to keep the patientat top level, i do it every 5 days, so the decline from the 5thto 7th day does not occur. can autohemotherapy bedone without any breaks? yes, absolutely. i only recommend topatients a break exclusively

to rest the muscles andveins, nothing else. if the veins are used in turns,not always the same arm, but in turns, and if also themuscles are used in turns, the left gluteus and then theright gluteus in the buttock, the right deltoid and thenthe left deltoid in the arm, then there is no needto take a break, but if the veins get tired,there is a need to take a break. do dosage variations (5, 10 & 20 ml)also make the rate of monocytes increase? no, it is always the same.

the only difference is that,in autoimmune diseases, i sometimes use up to 20 mlin the most serious cases, and dividing it in 4 places, injecting 5 ml in each armand 5 ml in each buttock. to divert the immune system which is repeatedlyattacking its own body, i mean, an immune systemwhich is corrupted, instead of fulfillingits function which is to defend usfrom attackers,

from everythingthat harms us, it is working against its ownbody as if it were an enemy. in rheumatoid arthritis cases, it affects the joints andeven creates deformities, these are created bythe immune system which i believe it is thinking about complying witha unconscious request to divert psychologicalsuffering to a physical area and with this while the personis worried about their bones,

their deformed fingers, the personforgets the psychological problems which motivated the diversion,the immune system corruption. it is a misfortune to havephysical suffering only to relievemental stress, but this happens, and i haveevidence of it, many cases. from which age can childrenhave autohemotherapy? this depends a lot on thechild, because recently i had a 5 year old child who accepted autohemotherapy perfectly well.

the child had such agood emotional control and when i explained thatwould be a benefit, it was a seriously asthmatic childtired of being short of breath, and a child with good reasoningpower and very intelligent, the child was convinced thatit would be worthwhile. the child accepted autohemotherapy perfectly well. the one who suffers mostwhen the child is having autohemotherapy is the mother, much more than the child,the mother suffers for the child.

and autohemotherapyin geriatrics? for me, geriatricsis the area where autohemotherapyshould be most used, precisely becauseit corresponds to the time when the immunesystem is in decline. does autohemotherapy workon bedsore cicatrization? yes, it does, by helpingthe cicatrization of bedsores and of course, weight cannotbe put on top of a sore, and protectorsshould be used, because

bedsores come from a continuousfriction of the skin on the bed, besides the friction, there is alack of oxygenation due to thepressure on the sore, the blood vessels don't supplyoxygen to the tissues, so they tendto destroy themselves, but the autohemotherapywill help rebuild them and the cicatrizationwill be quicker. and on hpv? yes, this virus is nowoften found in the cervix.

i have no experience yet, because i am not a gynecologist,but i think it is worth trying, because autohemotherapyworks against viruses in general, and hpv is a virus, i thinkit should also be used. it is up to gynecologiststo try it out and introduce it as a common practiceif it works well. i believe it should work, sinceit works with other viruses, this case should notbe any different. and on vitiligo?

i also have not seen any effectof autohemotherapy on vitiligo. i used it in vitiligo, and theonly benefit i noticed in vitiligo is that the vitiligopatches increase a lot when people arein a depressive phase, when they are verytense, they get worse, because in vitiligo until today the reason for this lack ofpigmentation is unknown, but since the neurovegetativesystem is balanced and improved by autohemotherapy,

this prevents relapses,those bad phases, where there is a large increasein the vitiligo patches, but it won't cure vitiligo. and on recurrent tonsillitises? it is very much valid indeed. there is a type of tonsillitiswhere i used autohemotherapy with excellent results, it is the tonsillitis caused by abeta hemolytic streptococcus and results in rheumatic fevercausing damage to the heart,

it causes atrophy to the mitral valve,that can only be corrected by surgery. this tonsillitis is extremelyresistant to antibiotics and autohemotherapy togetherwith antibiotic can cure it. i have already cured manycases of rheumatic fever, where the origin of theinfection was in the throat, the tonsils are the carriers, the beta hemolytic streptococcusmicrobes are well lodged and protected inside the tonsils, so autohemotherapyworks very well for this.

john, for instance, a youngman who now is an adult, was a child when he had avery serious rheumatic fever and autohemotherapy curedhim and he had no lesions left. another case, in thecity of petropolis, was considered incurable, i had never seen antistreptomycins,aso is its abbreviation, reaching a count over 1,000,when the normal is up to 200. it was a very serious case, but autohemotherapymanaged to save this girl.

how can autohemotherapyhelp a patient with cancer? it works first for patients whonormally are having either chemotherapy or radiotherapy. in either case, since a specificchemotherapy for cancerous cells has not yet been discovered,it also acts on normal cells, and with this it lowersthe immune level and makes the patient vulnerableto other types of cancer or the repetition of the samecancer in another organ. by keeping the immunesystem activated,

the chemotherapy will havea positive effect destroying cancerous cells andit will minimize the negative effect that destroys good cells that protectfrom a recurrence of this cancer, which is the metastasis, that is,the same cancer in other organ or a new cancer in other organ,or even a different type and in this case autohemotherapywould be very useful for cancer patientson chemotherapy. in the case of radiotherapy,the radiotherapy also greatly harms a lotthe immune system.

autohemotherapy wouldrepair the damage by reactivatingthe immune system, thus avoiding another cancer,so then it is valid in both cases. it is not to say thatit will cure cancer, it will help the meansthat cure cancer, either radiotherapyor chemotherapy, or also in the caseof an operation, where some cells wereoutside the removed lump and could reach other organsthrough the lymphatic system,

autohemotherapy can preventthe progress of those cells, killing themat their birthplace, avoiding their multiplication,so it is also worthwhile. are there any types of cancerincompatible with autohemotherapy? no, none. it should be used in allof them. it can be used in all cases. there is no case where autohemotherapy is not useful. the action of autohemotherapymay not be enough and not solve the problem, but in any case at leastit will prevent the cancer

from becoming morequickly invasive, it will help. epidemic outbreaksand autohemotherapy it would work and be a greatvalue and enormous saving. why? because peoplewith one of these illness, would recovertheir health faster and it would meanless time of illness, because what really curesis the immune system, not the antibiotic, an antibioticis only bacteriostatic, it only prevents thereproduction of microbes,

but it is own our immunesystem that completes the cure. so this is one effectand the other is that, if people not infected yet were under the action ofautohemotherapy and with their immune system boosted,they wouldn't catch the disease. this would prevent thedisease from spreading to a greaternumber of people. an important detail is that when a disease passesfrom one person to another,

the microbe or virus becomes moreand more active and virulent. it is like an exercise thatmakes the virus more violent, so it would be of great value, but then it would have to bea normal practice for everyone. vera and i don't takethe flu vaccine. it was an excellent measure by theministry of health, for the elderly. it would be better that peopleof all ages took the flu vaccine. every year there is a program forthe elderly, because the elderly is more vulnerable to pneumonia,and as the ministry of health

probably has no resources to offerthe vaccine to the whole population, they chose a risk group, beingthe elderly, but we don't take it. why? because withautohemotherapy our immune system is boosted, flus are less and less frequent andalso these vaccines are limited to 2 or 3 types of virus,normally 3 virus, and there is a hundred of fluviruses, there is no guarantee. so i preferthe autohemotherapy, because at least i haveresistance to all viruses.

this is the main reason. and on cerebralvascular accidents (cva)? it helps a great deal, provided it isdone as soon as possible after the cerebral vascular accident, because if it is ahemorrhagic accident, autohemotherapyincreases the macrophages, that devour the fibrin whichis clogging the blood vessels, so re-establishing thecirculation much faster. so it has anenormous value,

but it depends how soon it isdone, the sooner the better. recently i had a patientwho had a vascular accident, in visconde de maua, andi prescribed autohemotherapy straight away and therecovery was much faster than it would have beenwith physiotherapy alone practically allowing nature to dothe phagocytosis of the fibrin. unclogging with 5%of macrophages is much slowerthan with 22%. in these cases i doit every 5 days

to prevent a drop to 5%and keep it at 22% while the patient's arteryis being unclogged. and on arterial hypertension? no, not in this case, becausehypertension is not a clogging, it is an arterial spasm. it is worth havingautohemotherapy, because the origins of hypertensionare more psychosomatic, 95% of the cases of hypertensionare called essential hypertension. this is the namemedicine gives to it

when there isno defined cause. it is known that it is very muchrelated to the emotional side, the essential hypertensionis the vast majority. there is a small numberwhere the hypertension is renal. the substance that produceshypertension is called rennin. there are other peoplewith hypertension due to bad blood circulation, because of an excessof fats, vldl cholesterol, ldl cholesterol, the bad one,and very high triglycerides.

so, there ishypertension because the blood circulatesat a slower speed, but autohemotherapyworks very well anyway, because even in the case ofthe essential hypertension that accounts for morethan 90% of cases. it will work on the neuro-vegetative system, rebalancing the vagosympathetic system. hypertension is a dominanceof the sympathetic system, that contracts the vessels

over the vagal systemthat expands the vessels, and by rebalancing them,it helps to treat hypertension. and on gout? the same, because itremoves the uric acid. in gout the uric acidexceeds 7mg per litre, reaching 8 mg, 10 mg per litre. the uric acid crystallises insidethe tissues like crystal needles and this is why it istremendously painful. autohemotherapy will causethese crystals to be seen

by the immune systemas a foreign body and it will try to removethese crystals which are inside themuscles and causing pain. so autohemotherapy inthis case is also valid. sports and autohemotherapy when beckenbauerhung up his boots and became the coach forthe german national team, he said he attributed hisphysical performance to autohemotherapy andbefore each match

he had autohemotherapy with10 ml, in all matches, always. he attributedhis health to it as well as his physicalresistance in the matches and this washis statement when he stopped beinga football player and became the coach forthe german national team. polymyositis and dermatomyositis polymyositis, dermatomyositis and rheumatoid arthritisare autoimmune diseases.

in every disease with anautoimmune origin, that is, its cause is a corruptionof the immune system that attacks its own bodyas if it were a foreign body, the use of auto-hemotherapy is valid. why? because, firstly,the reinjection of blood, and it is even better if it isspread over several places, diverts the immuneattack towards the blood, reducing the pressureon the attacked tissues in polymyositis cases, muscletissues are attacked,

in dermatomyositis cases, muscleand skin tissues are attacked, so it causes a diversion. i had experiencewith dermatomyositis, a patient referred by my colleaguedermatologist dr. ryssia floriao. i have not used in anycases of polymyositis yet, but it will workin the same way. this is because firstlyit will cause a diversion and the second reason why itworks in autoimmune diseases is because the blood isuniversal in the human body,

the blood reaches practicallyevery cubic inch of our body except the hair onthe head and body, and even reaches everysquare inch of the skin and every square inch of anyorgan always contain blood, even bones haveblood, but less, at least there is bloodin the bone marrow. so as the bloodis everywhere, and as these autoimmunediseases are an inversion of the immunefunction, that is,

the function of protectionbecomes an aggression because of a corruptionof the immune system. when it is diverted, firstly thepressure of the aggression is reduced. this is one aspect. secondly,and this is very important, but this i cannotprove because only a laboratoryresearch can prove it, as the blood containsthe same elements the immune system is attacking,whichever autoimmune disease, it will createin this immune system

a kind of perplexityit will be in doubt, saying it as if itwere a person: why am i attackingmyself if this blood contains the same elementsof what i am attacking? then the immune systemwill check to see what it is own and what it is not, this meansthat in autoimmune diseases the immune system was attacking thebody as if it were a foreign body, and it will end up recognisingthese attacked areas as its own through the elementsof the blood

which are identical to thoseof the attacked areas. but i cannot prove this. this isjust an intelligence exercise to try to explain the reason forthe cure of autoimmune diseases, permanent cures, it is notonly an improvement, the improvement canbe very well explained, simply the aggression isdiverted towards the blood and naturally it reduces theaggression in those places where the immune systemis attacking, this is part of it, but the other, that of the cure, theonly explanation is the induction

of what is calledimmune tolerance. this is what happens in allergies,where i have excellent results, which is an immune intolerance,an excessive immune reaction, against allergens, substancesthat attack and end up affecting its own organism for fightingso much against the allergens. it works very wellin all allergies. autohemotherapy is anexcellent therapeutic resource. two cases of dysrhythmiawith convulsions in these two cases, the childrenhad a proven dysrhythmia.

they were dysrhythmic, their electroencephalogramwas abnormal and they had convulsionscalled epileptic convulsions. the phenobarbital doses used toprevent convulsions were so high that the children were nolonger having convulsions, but they were practically unableto study and even ride a bicycle. they were not ableto do anything. i used autohemotherapyon these two children with a gap of 20 yearsbetween one and the other

only to clear theexcess of barbiturates that were impregnatingtheir brains. after the desimpregnation,the children started to lead a normal active lifethey could play at will and ride a bicycle andlead a normal life. they stopped havingconvulsive crises, and one of them certainly hadno convulsions for over 20 years. and the other one,from here in maua, for about 3 years more or lesswithout any convulsions.

however, i didn't do the autohemotherapy with this purpose, the purpose was only to clearthe excess of barbiturate drugs that were impregnated inthese children's brains. if later i had ordered anelectroencephalogram and compared themto a previous one, before they startedusing barbiturates, this comparison couldprove if it really works by correctingthe brain waves, and restoring themto a level of normality,

but i don't havethis proof, but this can be veryeasily proven in future, as a doctor, i only thoughtabout solving the problem, the other resultwas unexpected, it was not even the goalof the autohemotherapy. medicine medicine is the art of healing. so i have only onecommitment to my patients: easing their suffering and,when possible, curing them.

this is why i don't respect theso-called scientific standards, saying, i cannot do this becauseit has not been proved by science. for me what proves anythingis the effect of the treatment. if it has benefits to the patient,it is a scientific treatment, even if we don't know what is theworking mechanism of this treatment. i use resources, whateverthey are, to benefit patients, at least to ease their sufferingand, if possible, cure them. later on, because i have astrongly investigative mind, i am not satisfied with thisand try to find a solution

try to find somethingthat will satisfy me, to enable me to understandwhy the treatment worked. after the patient has beencured, after getting the results i am then interested ininvestigating the reason, and when i cannotprove the reason, because i don'thave a laboratory, i always seek fora logic reasoning that leads me todecide the reason. for instance, in thecase of allergies,

with autohemotherapy thepatient improves very much actually, allergy isnot even a disease, it is an over reactionof the immune system, due to the great number ofattacks that human beings suffer day to day, that is, thepolluted air they breathe, the food they eatwith preservatives, but that cause damage to them,colouring agents used in food, all these are aggressions,and therefore the body of the most demanding peoplefight too much against this.

there is already a well-foundedsuspicion that very allergic people are much less likelyto have cancer, because they have a morediligent immune system but this has notbeen proved yet. i tried to find a solutionto explain what allergy is and what the cure throughautohemotherapy represents and how thecure happens. and i have made up atheory that satisfied me: as the allergen is a foreignbody, it is not accepted

by the immune system,hence the fight against it, and the consequencesto the patient. in allergies to inhalants,what happens? the personstarts to sneeze, trying to eliminate theallergen through catarrh. if this allergen goes to the lungs,the immune system attacks it and produces a secretion to try toeliminate the allergens by coughing. actually, it is not a disease, but adefence against what is causing harm, what should not existin the air they breathe,

should not existin the food they eat. what happens whenautohemotherapy is done? these allergens end upgoing into the blood, from the lungs to the blood,from the nose to the blood, because all of theseorgans are full of blood. when the immune system startsto fight against this allergen, it will identify the allergen, capture it and will try toeliminate it as a foreign body and at the sametime it will discover

how to inactivate the allergen,how to fight against it, since it has been identifiedas a foreign body, and ends up inducing whatis called immune tolerance and accepting as its own whatwas considered an enemy before. who discovered this was the greatestallergist known to the world 2,000 years bc, a greek kingcalled mithridates. he discovered, when he was 10,that by taking tiny and increasing doses of 2 poisonsused to kill the kings, at that time, cicuta and arsenic, which wereput into the wine to disguise it,

he wouldbecome immune i don't know howhe discovered this. his pleasure was always to havea wine taster to drink the wine and when he droppeddead, instantly killed, he would drink in one sip therest of the wine in the glass and he was considered by thepeople as having divine powers because everyone had watchedthe person drinking the wine and dying instantly and hedrinking the rest of the poison and in a muchgreater quantity.

he discovered thatthe poison itself creates the defenceagainst the poison. the poison creates theantibodies against the poison. but for this he tookincreasing doses and this is the principleof the vaccine. when an anti-venommedicine is made, which later on can saveus from snakebites, increasing doses of poisonare injected into a horse, until it can cope with a dosethat would kill the horse

instantly if it werethe first time dose. then blood is takenfrom this horse, the serum, the whitepart, is separated and the red part, thered cells, is discarded and the white part is theanti-venom medicine. but the person whodiscovered all this was king mithridates,2,000 years bc. to doctors and future doctors always check, neveraccept things such as

'this is a thing of the past','this is old fashion', 'it is out of fashion'. always add instead of replacingthe old teachings with new ones and if possible, alwaysadd the old to the new. always check and never acceptthings such as, 'this doesn't work', without checking it out, provided,of course, that no harm will result to anyone going to use thistreatment, but always add to it. for example: the cupping-glass,which now is in disuse, but nowadays is being usedagain in japan, even with suction.

it was a great techniqueused in the 19th century. cupping-glass usedto cure pneumonia, it was not known why, butit was applied to the lungs and the patientswere saved. there were noantibiotics at that time and the pneumococcuswas the same as today, and it curedpneumonia. later on, reich explainedwith bioenergetics why, the cupping-glass pulls theblood loaded with energy

and the energy potential wasraised above that of the microbes and the energy usedby the microbes to reproduce wasremoved from them and so the cupping-glasscured the pneumonia. but without waiting forreich to publish his books in the 1940's,in the 20th century doctors had common senseand used the cupping-glass without knowing whyit worked, since it worked. the great lesson is consideringas the first objective of medicine

the patient's relief andcure, and after that, our satisfaction as a scientist,whether we want it or not every doctor shouldwant to be a scientist, should want to knowwhy things happen, they should studylater to be satisfied. this is forpersonal satisfaction, but this is not thedoctor's commitment. the doctor's commitmentis to the patient, improving their health andrelieving their suffering,

this is the doctor'sonly commitment. to patients firstly, a positiveframe of mind, because a negative mindworsens the suffering. when a person is negativein relation to their suffering, the immune system declines. if a person believesin their cure, has every chanceto win over the disease. when a person thinks thattheir disease has no cure,

the chances of a cureare already very reduced. therefore, thinking in apositive way is very important, the mind has an enormous powerof both cure and destruction. the increasing casesof autoimmune diseases stem from anegative mind. the case of sclerodermai described earlier, the lady from thecardoso fontes hospital, her unconscious mindgenerated the disease, she had a mentallyhandicapped son,

her husband abandoned her,and her mind created the disease so that the whole familywould come to help her, because she wascompletely destitute with a mentally handicappedson and unable to work so the disease was thesolution to her problem and the autohemotherapywas the solution to the disease, and later oneverything was sorted. relationship amongstemotion, health and disease pleasant and goodemotions create health.

bad emotions such asfear, fear of violence, hatred, anger andsadness create disease. so everything that isgratifying to a person, peace of mind, safety,create health. a simple example: a personsuffers from psoriasis and is on holiday, hasa swim in the sea, sits in the sun,is on the beach, so the psoriasisdisappears altogether, when goingback to work

on the following dayeverything bursts out. why? if the personreally liked their work, the effect wouldnot be that much. but if a persondoesn't like their job, has contact with people,they don't get on well, the person is not happyat their workplace, so the psoriasis causes a diversionfrom the negative tension, from the feeling ofbeing uncomfortable towards their work andthe people around them

they switch on the psoriasisand forget those things. the unconscious makes usfeel very small because i have the concept that theunconscious represents 90% of us. we are only 10% conscious,10% rational and 90% irrational this 90% is the unconscious and it fulfils our wishesin the best possible way. it creates diseases to divertattention from the mind, to alleviate the person from apsychological point of view. in fact, many times diseaseis not the problem,

it is the solution, but afterwardsthe person doesn't accept it because it brings suffering, then the person wantsto cure the disease, but when it was createdit was a solution. what makes a personchange their behaviour? the most important thing isnot to cry over spilled milk. what can't be curedmust be endured. this philosophycompletely changes life. chinese people considerthat disease is guilt,

they consider disease assomething a person creates, it is a guilt, so anoptimistic view of things, always seeing something goodin everything bad that happens changes things a lot,because our negative side, always waiting for the worst,is a factory of diseases and this is what most contributesto a weak immune system. the importanceof optimism in diseases in order to changethe course of things, one must havean optimistic view.

if someone has a familymember who is ill and instead of believingthat they will react, get betterand be cured, the person believesthere is no salvation, and if the patientbecomes aware of this, it will be the endof their lives as they will no longerfight for a cure and, when a patient nolonger believes in a cure, they will no longer reactagainst the disease.

that is to say, a patient shouldnever be led to believe that their case has no solution.we must always make the patient hold an optimisticview of their situation. cameraslincoln caldasfrancisco carlos ramos fernandes sonatasmozart interpretationadelaide moritz acknowledgementsdr. vera mouraregina rodrigues chaves published byfernando marcolini- subtitles by luiz grassoautohemo@gmx.com script, production, directionana martinezandluiz fernando sarmento

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