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osteoporosis estrogen

osteoporosis estrogen

hi, my name is margaret martin. welcome backto melioguide. today's tutorial is going to cover "stop the stoop" and what are some ofthe unsafe movements that can lead to fractures of your vertebrae if you have low bone densityor osteoporosis. many of you have most likely read or heardthat you reach peak bone mass somewhere in between the ages of 25 and 30 years of age.then, all things being equal, as you continue to age women tend to lose bone at a fasterrate than men do because of the loss of estrogen that occurs with menopause. when you startto incorporate regular, healthy vigorous exercise you can start leveling off and sometimes evenincreasing your bone mass. we won't have time in today's tutorial togo into the intricacies of why vertebral fractures

happen. that is a much more detailed tutorialon the website. however, you should know that certain movements, especially movements offlexion; movements that bring you into a rounded back: sit-ups, toe-touches, all of these typesof motions have been shown in studies going way back to 1984 that they will greatly increaseyour risk of vertebral fractures. we have two types of bone in our body: corticalbone and trabecular bone, and it is shown that the inside of the vertebral body of thespine has a much higher percentage of trabecular bone than most other parts of your body. so,especially your mid-back is a location that's much more vulnerable than other bones in yourbody when you're imposing unsafe forces to it. once you have one vertebral fracture,the forces in your spine actually start to

change, the forces above and below the fracturesite, so then you're at a much higher risk for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th vertebral fracture.the key is to prevent your first vertebral fracture. now, if you're listening to this and you'vealready had a vertebral fracture or compression fracture, all hope is not lost because studiesshow that by doing safe and effective extension exercises where you're building the musclesof your spine will greatly reduce the rate of second and third fracture. now, i mentioned that unsafe exercises cancause fractures of the spine. but it's not just exercises that we need to be concernedabout, it's all of the activities that you

do day in and day out. how you lift up yourgrandchild, how you feed your dog, how you pick up your groceries, all of those movementscan cause micro-trauma to your spine, or not. so, learning to move with safe body mechanicsis an important part of the melioguide program. we provide hundreds of examples from workingin your kitchen, making your bed, picking up your grandchildren, feeding the dog...that gives you tips and ideas to start incorporating into your day to day life. in tomorrow's tutorial, we're going to lookat the key principles that are needed when you're looking at a bone building exerciseprogram. look forward to seeing you then.

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