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osteoporosis exercises

osteoporosis exercises

side lying leg lifts, strength: beginner. so with this exercise, an exercise mat's alwaysa nice thing, or a comfortable carpet, and you want to have a small towel that you'regoing to place at your waist so that when you lay down onto your side, that towel justfills in the space. now you can either use your arm for support underneath your heador a pillow. you're going to comfortably bend your bottom knee and your top knee is goingto be straight in a line behind you. so what i've done is mimicked if i was up againsta wall. my heel would be in that same line as my torso up against that wall. my top handi'm going to place right in front of me, and i'm going to allow myself to roll into myhand ever so slightly so that if i had a light

shining off my hip bone, it would be hittingthe floor about six feet in front of me. so i don't want you to be rolling back on thisexercise, you want to just keep a slight forward tilt of the pelvis. in this position, take a breath in, and exhale,leading with the heel, lift, two, three, and back down. and so, if you find yourself lifting yourleg quite up high, you can pretty well assure yourself that you've cheated. and what happensis, if we lift up high, we're using our front hip flexors and quadriceps rather than ourhip abductors, which are in here and attached right close to a common fracture site. sowe really want to get these glute muscles

working here, and that really makes us muchmore stable when we walk and do a lot of exercises. so again, hips slightly forward, focus onleading with the heel, hand in front, breath in, slowly, gently tighten your tummy as youlift the leg, holding and exhaling, and slowly back down. and time to repeat, breath, andback down. good.

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