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osteoporosis guidelines

osteoporosis guidelines

hi, i'm margaret martin at melioguide, andas you can tell, it's fall, and so i thought, before the snow starts to fall, i'd sharewith you some important guidelines that actually came about this summer. releases that camefrom the top organizations on osteoporosis in both canada and the u.s., so osteoporosiscanada and the national osteoporosis foundation, both of which chose the summer of 2014 torelease their exercise guidelines, where they give specifics on strength training, on posture,on weight-bearing, on balance. and i'm really excited to say that here atmelioguide, we've had those same guidelines for the last seven years, and so, you know,you now have, as listeners, the added reassurance that these big organizations are followingthe melioguide guidelines. the difference

being is that here at melioguide, those ofyou who have gone into the programs, or worked with me individually, or have spoken to meby the phone through consultation, you know that we also look here at melioguide at youractivity level at your start, as well as your fracture risk. so this blog is going to provideyou, you know, if you look into the blog, with those guidelines, but i wanted to sharethat with you so that you know that you're in good hands here at melioguide. so i wishyou a very happy fall. take care.

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