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osteoporosis hip pain

osteoporosis hip pain

the most common form of hip pain isosteoarthritis. osteoarthritis is the wear and tear of thejoint that occurs when the protective cartilage on the ends of your bones wearsdown over time. the typical symptoms you mightexperience with hip pain are pain when going up and down stairs.pain with rising from a seated position, difficulty tying your shoes, groin pain and the pain usually starts out as adull ache and will increase over time. hip pain is caused from the conventionalwear and tear of the hip joint or it may be post-traumatic from a previous fractureor injury.

if you suffer with hip pain usually you will receive a completephysical exam and an x-ray to make the diagnosis. hip pain is treated many different ways.typically you first method of treatment would be anti-inflammatory medications andactivity modifications as well as weight loss. the bestexercises for patients with arthritis pain are swimming bike riding and theelliptical machine as pounding on the joints makes the arthritis pain worse.

if your pain continues to get worse we willtry injections by a radiologist every three to four months. once the injectionsbegin to lose their effectiveness then the next step would be a directanterior hip replacement. some advantages of the direct anteriorhip replacement as compared to the posterior approach are a small incision, no musclesare detached, most patients are able to begin theirphysical therapy one hour after surgery, shorter hospital stays, most patientstransition to a cane for walking assistance in just two weeks, lower risk of the hip popping out ofsocket and a lower chance of the

patient developing a long-term limp. there are options for people living withhip pain. many times after exhausting options likemedication exercise and injections a directanterior hip replacement maybe the option for you. after a direct anterior hip replacementpatients have an improved quality of life and many are able to get back to doingthe things they enjoy and are able to move again.

if you are suffering with hip pain it isimportant to choose the doctor who has the experience with the latest technologies inhip replacement surgery. at north oaks orthopaedic specialty centerwe offer the newest treatments available.

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