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osteoporosis hip

osteoporosis hip

hip raises feet on chair. now with this exerciseof hip raises with your feet on the chair, you're going to need a chair. and if you don'thave a padded chair, you might choose to put a folded towel or mat over the chair all dependingon the sensitivity of your legs. so coming down, sitting close to the chair,come down safely to your side. roll onto your back. place your feet onto the chair. andjust as we did with the bridging, i would like for you to place your hands away fromyour body with your palms up. you're going to initiate the exercise with the breath inand exhale as you lift. and back down. now a couple of tips here. you want to insurethat your kneecaps and your toes are facing the ceiling. as with the bridging exercise,you want to transfer the weight onto your

shoulder, but it's not onto your neck or ratherjust onto your shoulder blades. and lastly if you are not comfortably coming down intothis position, then just as we spoke about in the exercise safety tips, if you need alittle support under your head, then please use it in this exercise. so one more time. keeping everything in alignment,breath in. exhale as you lift. one, two. and you want to get that line between your knee,hip and shoulder, and down, two. and please note that you should not be straighteningyour leg all the way. so when you come up, you will have a little bend in your kneesand that allows you to get a lot more focus in on the hamstring exercise. and come onup through your side.

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