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osteoporosis in spine treatment

osteoporosis in spine treatment

what is osteoporosis and why does it matter? hello. my name is doctor dan albright. i'm an orthopedic surgeon in raleigh, north carolina. i started in practice in 1994 and i've seen literally thousands of fractures due to osteoporosis and that's why it matters. our whole goal here is to make your bones stronger so you don't break your bone. fractures can be crippling. so osteoporosis. "osteo" is bone. "porosis" is porous

which means porous bone, less bone, weaker bone. it happens to everybody. it oftentimes happens to women through menopause age 50. lose your estrogen, lose your hormones, your bone mass goes way down. women break a lot of bones earlier than men. so it's a topic that is very relevant for all of us. here's a bone. this is a blown-up view of a vertebra. and the bone is solid. it has trabecula, cancellous bone. this is normal. then this is abnormal. i don't know if you can tell, but there is just less of it.

there's osteo bone, porosis. there's porous bone. and as the bone becomes porous, it cracks easier. you fall, you twist, you hit yourself - in a fall that would not have hurt a twenty-year-old if you're 50, 60, 70 with porous bone you break your hip. you break your wrist. you break your spine. and we see it every day in the orthopedic office. these are things that can be prevented, if not always, many times. and so another example here..

this is your femur. and this shows the bone is a beautiful tissue. it regenerates itself but if there's not enough calcium, not enough, you know, mass in the bone it'll fracture. so with age you lose tissue, you lose calcium and bone and the bone becomes brittle. so the whole goal is to prevent a hip fracture that's the big one. that's what puts middle-aged or more senior citizens in hospitals, in surgery, in nursing homes. so again fractures can be quite disabling.

the hip fracture's the big one. spine fractures happen a lot. we see this particularly with women with osteoporosis. their spines getting bent as they get older. that's when a vertebra like this crushes down. very, very common. another common one is the wrist breaking. so treatment is a different topic, but osteoporosis matters. we all have thinning bone with age. we need to be aware it and you need to want to prevent your bones from breaking. if you want to know more, my website's and for appointments

number 919-863-6808. and probably most importantly see your medical doctor about getting your bones checked and just finding out where your bone strength is. thank you.

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