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osteoporosis infusion therapy

osteoporosis infusion therapy

good morning!good morning! rodney, why do you joints popping? is it only female can get osteoporosis? i wish you don’t but you are popping all the time! lots of popping in the beginning of the show! this is called bony kung fu!bony kung fu? i have got the special body for kung fu! well, i can’t answer your question as i am not a doctor as all. so, we have dr. ronnie chan with us again to talk about osteoporosis.

good morning, ronnie.good morning. could you explain to us what osteoporosis is? osteoporosis is a disease which cannot efficiently support the body weight which can lead to fractures. last time i have also mentioned some causes of osteoporosis and i will continue from there. in fact, it is not easy to develop osteoporosis in canada, since our diet here is pretty good. some countries’ diets contain no calcium at all. lack of certain food?that is correct. something we can avoid but always doing is, for example, bad living style. such as excessive smoking and drinking which we can avoid.

on the other hand, genetic factors can also lead to osteoporosis. studies show if you are female with small body frame which can develop osteoporosis easier. like what rodney has mentioned, is it easier for female to develop osteoporosis? it is easier but doesn’t mean male cannot develop osteoporosis. male can develop osteoporosis. it is relatively higher in females than males?that is correct. hormonal changes play a big role in osteoporosis.oh! hormonal changes start after menopause, therefore, making females to develop osteoporosis easier. but, of course, we can prevent this from happening, which i am going to talk about a bit later of what we can do for prevention. you have just mentioned about menopause,

is it true that people will find out whether they have osteoporosis or not, near or close to menopause? you can say that, however, in order to check it accurately, you will need a special method called dexa. this is the most accurate method. however, if you depend on x-ray, it will be a bit late. if you have already felt pain, then go to take x-ray and found out you have osteoporosis; the progress is already quite late. it is because by the time x-ray shows the abnormality, a large portion of the bone density has already been lost. it will be a bit late to start to compensate for the loss of bone density, by the time you have found out a large portion are gone. understood.on the other hand, people who need to take medication in a long term basis, for example, taking steroid due to cancer in which it can also cause osteoporosis. in other words, having cancer can also cause patients to have osteoporosis.

is there anything we can take to improve the bone density while we are taking steroid? well, this is a very difficult question. is there any medication to balance it?yes, of course. yes, taking medication is one of the treatment methods given by your doctor. taking calcium supplements is another. many times, patients will ask: what can be done to increase the bone density? there a few things we can do: medication, calcium supplements and exercise. we will look into the reason why exercise is so important.ok. it sounds like osteoporosis is not painful at all!? is there any symptoms? yes, there are a few symptoms for osteoporosis. the most common one is pain.

pain is the most common symptom, then excessive kryphosis and decrease body height. there are different spots for fracture, let’s take a look at the diagram. fractures usually happen at the lumbar spine, hip area and wrist. you can pay attention to these areas; these areas are the weight bearing areas. lumbar spine and hip do most of the weight bearing. if we fall, we will instinctively use our wrist to maintain support and balance. meaning the force is dissipated at the wrist region?that is correct. does doing push-up affect this? you are not going to suddenly thrust on the wrist, right? and this is the difference.

that is why when we do bone density test, we will also test these areas. it is because these areas are the weight bearing body parts. that is right and that is why fractures are more probable in these body parts. on the other hand, you may have the image of this: upon aging, the back of an elderly will slouch forward. right.slouching forward!? seen it.yes. there is a sign of slouching.posture is one factor. however, does it mean an elderly will definitely become slouched forward?

in fact, it is not! it is because, in the past, we don’t have the diagnostic knowledge of osteoporosis. when someone has osteoporosis, fracture can happen very easily at the lumbar spine. this particular kind of fracture at the spine is called compaction fracture. you can imagine it is like a sandwich, looks rectangular when normal. there is no problem with one stacking on top of another. however, if one of these is being compressed… the spine will be shortened!?right and it is no longer rectangular. it can become a parallelogram. one stacking on top of another will result in slouching posture.

oh!slowly! that is the reason why the body height decrease and the back become slouched. so, when we avoid the loss of bone density or develop osteoporosis, the bones are strong enough to bear the body weight, there will be no slouching. getting old, then shorten height! is it what it means?is that true? haha! but this can be avoided. i see. when we look at modern medicine: if we can keep an eye on the bone density, we will not necessary become slouched when we get old.

i see.we should be careful. it is not necessary to becoming shortened or slouched when old. this is something we can prevent!that is correct! that feels so good, i won’t become shorter!haha! how to prevent?a few methods. one of these is medication in which your family doctor is going to help you. taking calcium supplement, sun tanning and exercising. for prevention, we should avoid process food, for example, sausage or ham which have lots of preservatives. too much sugar or salt is no good either. and then exercise is especially important! very important! i will use a scenario to explain this.

the way we build up our bone density is like construct a brick wall. in constructing a brick wall, we will need some building materials. first, we need concrete. secondly, we need bricks and finally we need to put them together. otherwise, the brick wall is not going to be built. for concrete, i will look at it as medication which is given by your family doctor. this is the one you do not have choice; you have to take it. secondly, for bricks; you can choose different kinds of bricks. you can choose bricks which are made of mud which is worse in quality. or bricks which are made with much stronger material.

these illustrate the difference between different kinds of calcium. you can choose your kinds of bricks. thirdly, building it. we can take a look at the next diagram. we are talking about exercise. there is a woflf’s law in our body. wolff’s law explains exercise can help us to improve bone density. improve bone density!? that is correct. when there is stress at the bone from exercise, bone density will be increased. therefore, having exercise is very important. we need all these three things: calcium, medication and exercise. oh, i see. bricks are calcium. it is very clear.

haha!so, next time you are going to talk about how to choose calcium supplements. i am going to talk about how to take calcium and different types of calcium. there are so many questions i’d like to ask. i have just heard you said having suntan is important. why having a suntan will be beneficial to osteoporosis? it is because suntan can help us to make vitamin. absolutely. however, due to time constraint, we will need to wait until next week. thank you very much. remember to come back next week. sure.thank you very much. you are welcome.

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