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osteoporosis infusion treatment side effects

osteoporosis infusion treatment side effects

you will be placed in a kneeling position.your skin will be cleaned. an incision will be made in the middle of the back. the overlyingmuscles will be moved to the sides. your surgeon will confirm the correct vertebrae for theprocedure by using x-ray imaging. the ligamentum flavum is separated from the lamina and thenremoved. the spinous process and lamina are removed at each level needing to be decompressed.next the tracks for the pedicle screws are prepared. the hard bone surface is removed.a guide track is inserted under x-ray guidance. its depth and position are checked. then athread is tapped into the bone, and the pedicle screw is placed. the vertebrae are preparedfor the other pedicle screws, and the transverse processes and facet joints are prepared forthe bone graft. next the bone graft and the

remaining pedicle screws are placed. thenthe brackets and rods are installed. x-rays are used to check the position of the screwsand rods. a lateral x-ray will look like this. a posterior x-ray will look like this. themuscles are replaced, and the wound is closed with sutures.

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