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osteoporosis injection medications

osteoporosis injection medications

here├ó€™s another complication of taking bisphosphonatedrugs for osteoporosis├ó€¦ next do bisphosphonates increase risk of carpaltunnel syndrome? lara pullen writing in the rheumatologistreported increasingly, postmenopausal women are prescribed bisphosphonates in an effortto prevent osteoporotic fractures. the increased prevalence of bisphosphonate use likely reflectsboth demographic trends toward an older female population, as well as concerns about thesafety of an alternative treatment for osteoporosis: hormone replacement therapy.unfortunately, bisphosphonates are not without risk. in 2008, the fda issued an alert thathighlighted the association between oral bisphosphonates and incapacitating bone, joint and/or musculoskeletalpain. in 2015, the fda issued yet another

alert: warning that the use of bisphosphonatesis associated with an increased risk for developing osteonecrosis of the jaw. researchers havealso noted that patients taking bisphosphonates experience an increased risk for arthritisand corresponding arthralgia. now, investigators report that postmenopausal women who use bisphosphonatesare also at increased risk for carpal tunnel syndrome.comment: what a list of side effects. these drugs might be useful but be careful.

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