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osteoporosis mayo clinic

osteoporosis mayo clinic

hi, this is dominika zarzeczny, natropathicdoctor at nutrichem biomedical clinic in ottawa. many of my menopausal patients often ask mewhether they should be using strontium to improve their bone health. now strontium isa trace mineral. any strontium that we absorb in our diet does get deposited in the bone,very similar to calcium and magnesium. when we compare calcium and strontium in the bodyit̢۪s usually a ratio of 1000 calcium to 1 strontium. the types of foods that containstrontium range from seafood containing the highest amounts, to things like meat, poultryand wheat germ. now, should we be supplementing with strontium? as it stands, the only source of strontiumthat has been shown to be effective for bone

rebuilding is strontium ranelate. strontiumranelate is currently not available in canada or in the united states. it is a prescriptionmedication and currently is only available in europe. so then my patients often ask mewell should they be using a different type of strontium? lots of retailers will be sellingstrontium citrate. unfortunately there's not a whole lot of evidence that supports theuse of strontium citrate for bone rebuilding purposes. so i actually encourage my femalepatients, men as well, to really obtain the strontium from diet. so like i said earlier,sources of strontium are seafood, poultry, meat and wheat germ. and that's really themost effective way of getting it into the body. this has been dominika zarzeczny, natropathicdoctor at nutrichem biomedical clinic. see

you next time.

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