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osteoporosis signs and symptoms

osteoporosis signs and symptoms

hyperthyroidism symptoms, causes and treatment. hyperthyroidism is a medical condition inwhich thyroid gland becomes over active and secretes more hormones than normal range. thyroid gland is a butterfly shape gland situatedin front of neck, right below the adam apple. it secretes hormones t3 and t4 to controlour body’s metabolism. hyperthyroidism symptoms. unexplained rapid weight loss. if you are feeling that your weight is decreasingrapidly day by day without any certain reason or ailment despite increased appetite, itmay be hyperthyroidism symptom.

increased appetite. in hyperthyroidism appetite is increased abnormallyas metabolism becomes fast and burns all your eaten food within no time. rapid heartbeat or tachycardia. heart beat is raced up and sometimes patientsare misdiagnosed and told they have cardiac problem. irregular heart beat is also found in patients. hands tremor. if you straight up your hand firmly at horizontallevel and feel your finger shaking, there

is something to worry about. fatigue and muscle weakness. without any exercise and exertion there isno reason for fatigue and muscle weakness, but it is common hyperthyroidism symptom. slightly increased body temperature. this person feels mild fever like symptoms. his temperature is slightly increased upto99 fahrenheit. fine brittle hair. alongwith other, fine silky and brittle hairis also encluded as hyperthyroidism symptom.

heat sensitivity. person with hyperthyroidism can not bear heator hot weather. he is more sensitive than normal people. he complains more often about hot weather. enlarged thyroid gland. in some cases of hyperthyroidism thyroid glandof person is swollen and enlarged. skin thinning and dryness. thin and dry skin alongwith dandruff in headis also very common symptom. diarrhea or frequent bowl movements.

this person's bowl movements are frequentand lose and symptoms are confused with diarrhea. difficulty in sleeping. insomnia and other sleeping disorder are alsofaced by patients. difficulty in sleeping again after wakingup is major one. panic attack. anxiety, confusion and panic attacks are reportedamong patients of over active thyroid. excessive sweating. unusual sweating is also a common symptom. lid lag.

lid lag, blurred vision, red eyes are alsosymptoms of hyperthyroidism. brittle bones. in severe cases, left untreated, brittle bonesand osteoporosis is found. causes of hyperthyroidism. there are many reasons behind hyperthyroidismlike graves’ disease, thyroiditis, toxic adenoma. graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorderin which our immune system becomes mad and attacks thyroid gland mistakenly. under this condition, thyroid gland secretesmore hormone than it is normal and causes

hyperthyroidism symptoms. thyroditis is a condition when thyroid glandbecomes swollen without any known reason. hormone is leaked from storage place and hencehyperthyroidism symptoms are felt by the person. toxic adenoma is when one of adenoma of thyroidgland produces excessive amount of thyroid hormone. treatment of hyperthyroidism. only the doctor who will decide how he willtreat patient. we hope our video was very helpful to recognizehyperthyroidism symptoms. don’t forget to subscribe our channel forfurther health updates.

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