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osteoporosis symptoms and treatment

osteoporosis symptoms and treatment

when you look at a skeleton hangingin your doctor's office, it's easy tothink that your bones are inanimateand lifeless. actually, your bones and joints areliving tissue and are constantly in astate of flux, breaking down andrebuilding themselves. in fact, bones aren't just there to giveus form, shape and support, althoughthey certainly do that. bone health is critical to our goodhealth in general in that bones are thebody's mineral storehouse, absorbing minerals when they areavailable and releasing them as theyare needed by other tissues. but what happens when our bone andjoint health diminishes? well, diseases such as arthritis andosteoporosis can occur. although there are many types ofarthritis, osteoarthritis is the mostcommon cause of arthritis affecting over 21million peopleaccording to the national institutes ofhealth.

it is the leading cause of disability inthe united states, increasing burdenson individuals and the economy. osteoporosis, a disease that weakensthe bones, affects over 25 millionpeople in the u.s. with treatmentscosting over $10 billion per year. nearly half of all women between 45and 75 show signs of osteopenia (lowbone mass) or osteoporosis. in this class i will be teaching what thecauses of osteoporosis andosteoarthritis are. i will also be explaining how to keepthese debilitating diseases fromdestroying your bone and joint health. we will review alternatives totraditional medical treatments anddiscuss how you can treat thesymptoms and even more importantly, stop, or even reverse these diseases...naturally. i look forward to seeing you at"natural cures for arthritis andosteoporosis."

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