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osteoporosis symptoms pain

osteoporosis symptoms pain

the carpal tunnel is a narrow passage in thewrist. it is formed by wrist bones on the bottom and sides and a tough band of connectivetissue, called the transverse carpal ligament, on top. muscle tendons and the median nervepass through the carpal tunnel. the median nerve controls muscles in the palm and baseof the thumb, allowing them to move. it also provides feeling to the thumb and nearby twoand a half fingers. carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where tissue swelling causespressure to build up within the carpal tunnel. this puts pressure on the median nerve. overtime median nerve pressures results in symptoms in the areas of hand it supplies. common symptomsin these areas are pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness. risk factors for carpal tunnelsyndrome include a smaller carpal tunnel from

being female or from genes passed down fromparents, wrist injuries, other medical conditions that cause inflammation, fluid buildup, ornerve damage such as diabetes, pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, and hypothyroidism,and repetitive hand or wrist motions. a common treatment for mild to moderate carpal tunnelsyndrome is keeping the wrist in a neutral position by wearing a brace or splint. inaddition, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or nsaids, may help relieve pain. adoctor may recommend a corticosteroid injection to reduce inflammation and swelling. for moderateto severe symptoms, a doctor may recommend a surgical procedure called carpal tunnelrelease. this procedure may be done as an open procedure through an incision betweenthe palm and wrist, or it may be done as an

endoscopic procedure through a small keyholeincision. the surgeon will perform this procedure with an endoscope, which is a device containinga tiny camera and surgical instruments. in both procedures the transverse carpal ligamentwill be cut to relieve pressure on the median nerve. at the end of either procedure theincision will be closed with sutures.

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