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osteoporosis symptoms

osteoporosis symptoms

seven methods to reduce the risk of osteoporosis due to menopause the seven most preferred ways to reducethe chance of a slow process occurring at menopause are: 1. start early. osteoporosis is adisease that affects people as they age but really begins in childhood. younggirls reach their peak bones between the ages of 16 and 20 and begin losing bone in the mid 30s.when menopause approaches the rate in this clone losses increase, itis therefore very important that parents instill healthy habits of ensuring enough calcium and vitamin d

intake and exercise at young ages. educationabout the risks of smoking and over consumption of alcohol is alsoimportant. 2.exercise a good regular exercise program at leastthree times per week builds bone and muscle mass. it shouldinclude weight bearing exercises walking and jogging and balance exercises such as heel to toe walking. 3. eat foods high in calcium. calcium builts and protects bones.

calcium needs to be combined withvitamin d for maximum absorption. magnesium and phosphorus have also been identified as important tothe absorption of calcium 4. maintain a good level of vitamine d. foods that contain that menopause essential include eggs fatty fish like salmon and cereals . ifpossible try to be in the sun for at least 10 to20 minutes per day as it can provide the daily intake of vitamin d. 5. avoid taking medications thatinterfere with calcium absorption

or employ practices to counteract anynecessary medications that have such an adversary effect, particularly medications that fallinto the category of interfering with calcium absorption: steroids, seizure medications and thyroidtreatment medications, all of which have to be administeredunder a doctor's care ask your physician a bone density testif necessary 7. recognize your risk of developingosteoporosis. osteoporosis is usually first evidentwhen a low-energy fracture occurs

such as moving a piece of furniture andyou experience a vertebral crack. ask your physician a bone density test ifnecessary reduce the risk for osteoporosis by being aware of the causes and knowthat it is a disease that starts early and creeps into your life with age. by knowing this you can minimize the effectsthat osteoporosis can have a your life reviewyour medical and family historywith your doctor and have a regular checkups hope you found it useful . for moreinformation please click the link in


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