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osteoporosis therapy

osteoporosis therapy

*music* think you are too young to have osteoporosis? think again. welcome to memorial health and you. our guest today is memorial nurse practitioner, penny renwick. so, penny, anyone can have osteoporosis? yes. osteoporosis is a disease of progressive bone loss. you don't have to be 65 to have it. the disease often goes unnoticed with no symptoms until a fracture occurs. by that time the disease is advanced and damage is severe.

if risk isn't just about age, then who is likely to develop osteoporosis? people at a greater risk have a history of fractures as an adult, they may be of low body weight, or they may have a parental history of the disease or fractures, or use medicines that contain steroids. smoking is also a big risk factor and in women bone loss increases naturally after menopause. any one of these is a good reason to be tested as early as age 50. the best screening test is a dexascan. it's a special x-ray. it measures the density of the bones at the spine,

hips and wrist. these are areas most likely to effected by osteoporosis. and it's used to monitor the changes over time in these bones as well. what can be done to reduce the risk? to keep your bones healthy, you need to maintain a healthy diet, don't smoke, moderate alcohol consumption, and make sure you're getting enough calcium and vitamin d. you can add some strength training and weight bearing excercise and you'll have an edge against osteoporosis. thank you, penny. if you'd like more information about osteoporosis please call us right now at 228-868-6500

or visit us online a if you'd like to make an appointment, call 228-867-5000.

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