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osteoporosis treatment centers

osteoporosis treatment centers

joining us this morning's erin hunter, thanks for joining us. this is an important subject. let's talk about the causes of osteoporosis. >> as people age, their bone density tends to get less. if they don't take preventative measures like building bone

strength through exercise, then they tend to progress to osteoporosis as they age. lacee: exercise is so important for everything in our health. what would you say are the first symptoms that someone would notice? >> you don't really notice it.

there is screening exams you can get that would catch it early on. the kind of the worst case would be if you get a fracture of your bones. lacee: that's horrible. we just mentione treatment, some people are worried about

the side effects the drugs cause. what other treatment options are there? >> i mentioned to strengthening the bones through exercise, particularly weight-bearing exercise. a lot of the drugs, the side

effects of them are very rare. in a lot of side effects people worry about are rare, and the benefits outweigh the risks of having osteoporosis and risks of medication. lacee: do you think that's the best option to try the drugs and the of a work?

>> absolutely. if your doctor puts you want them to finish the regimen, if you don't like how the medication is, have a conversation with your provider to talk about why and they can come to figure out which medications will help you.

lacee: model he said we had to give drinking the milk. is that important? >> yes, calcium is important.

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