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osteoporosis treatment medication

osteoporosis treatment medication

should you take bisphosphonates if you haveosteoporosis? maybe yes…maybe no… fda: more research needed to evaluate risk,benefits of bisphosphonates. robert preidt writing in healthday reportedthe fda has disclosed that more studies are required to determine the “long-term risksand benefits of taking bisphosphonates, a class of drugs widely used for osteoporosis.”dr. marcea whitaker, “the review’s co-author and a medical officer at the fda’s centerfor drug evaluation and research,” said in a statement, “these drugs clearly work.we just don’t know yet the optimum period of time individual patients should be on thedrug to both maximize its effectiveness and minimize potential risks.” the piece notedthat bisphosphonates have been used in the

u.s. “since 1995 to treat people with osteoporosis.” comment: no question these drugs are effective.we just need to know more about them.

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