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osteoporosis treatment

osteoporosis treatment

my name's jose longoria, i met doctor badiaabout four years ago after i took a fall terrible fall, i ah'... broke both of my wrists and colcanious bone on my left foot you can see in this picture whichpractices ourselves to make us feel better and they photoshopped friends signatures in my virtual cast so part of the reason reason that this became that serious was that i found out i had osteoporosis and my bones were very brittle

and it became very difficult to to repair a little pieces uh... so i want to show you what i'mdoing now. the expectation was that i was not able to do a pushuplet's say, i'd be able to get back to work the motion in my hand would be limited i just want to show you how incredibly flexible both hands are

amazing i'm very pleased and a part of the therapy, i've gotten back into the gym and i can do justabout anything i could do it before if not a little bit better i've gotten very concerned with staying healthy after that experience so i just wanted to say thanks dr. badia i'm doing terrific!

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