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osteoporosis vs osteopenia

osteoporosis vs osteopenia

active level strength, step up. and using a step, you can use just one ofthe steps in your house, or if you happen to have a step stool, as long as it's sturdy,you can use it. you want to forcefully place one foot on thestep. you want to get some of that pounding for yourself. step, and just place the toeof the other foot beside you. let's do that again, forcefully stepping upand then placing the other foot just beside for balance. alternate sides, step and place going down. now here, just a little tip in terms of alignment.

a lot of my clients have knee pain when theygo up or down stairs, and that has to do with the alignment of their knees. just like welooked at with the squats and with the lunges, you can use, and again, best to do this infront of a mirror, but when you step up, if you place the stick in front of your secondtoe, you want to look at where your knee is lining up with the stick. again, your kneecap should be hiding behindthe stick and not coming inward like this. because coming in on a step like this is verystressful on the knee joint, or going down. a lot of people do that without realizingit. so using the muscles and recruiting the muscles around your hip to pull your femurback into alignment is going to get your knee

into that position. ensuring that your archis dynamic so that you can step up and down with your knee in that alignment. good. once you have your form, then take itwith you into a little more vigorous step up.

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