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osteoporosis what is it

osteoporosis what is it

hi i'm simon mears i'm a hip and knee replacement surgeonat uams. osteoporosis refers to weak bones and this happens because bones youthink of a bone as a dead skeleton something that's just inside of you thatisn't really alive but that is completely false and incorrect boneshave cells in them they aren't just a hard piece of granite the cells are constantly building up thecalcium the structure of the bone and they're taking it away and there's thisrejuvenative process that keeps the bone alive and healthy

what happens as people age is that thatprocess changes so that more bone is being resorbed then can be laid down andwhat that means is there's overall less structure less hardness to the bone thebone responds by trying to keep strong and when that happens it actually gets athinner cortex that's wider and that has some goodstrength actually but rotationally is weaker so that folks with weakerosteoporotic bones are much more susceptible to fracture so that when aperson falls they would have a higher likelihood of breaking a bone or wheni'm putting an implant and i might have a higher risk of breaking that bone indoing surgery

women are more likely to getosteoporosis than men and the fairer your skin is especially if you're fromscandinavia northern european descent you have a much higher likelihood ofhaving osteoporosis than otherwise how do we address this well there are acouple things one is trying to keep folks active so that they're stillstress going through the bones to get them to try and build up and another ismeasuring the bone density this is typically done with a dexascanner a type of x-ray machine that doesn't hurt that you sit in and that givesyou a level of density of the bone and then we can give different medicationsto build up your bone density depending

on that level at you mas there are some ofthe world's experts on osteoporosis here and it's a great opportunity to bechecked to get the right medications whether this is a supplement likecalcium and vitamin d or whether you need of a different type of medicationcalled a bisphosphonate or other medications to help build your bonesback up so that you can stay strong and avoid fractures

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